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The University of Sannio has committed itself to supporting and 

integrating the disabled students also through the exploitation of

technological aids and the implementation of private initiatives.


In 1999, when the law of January 28th, number 17, titled: “ Integration and amendment of  the  general policy law of Febrary 5th, 1992, number 104, for the assistance, social integration and the rights of the disabled”, was passed, special directives were given the Italian Universities.

Since 2001 the University of Sannio, sympathetic to the needs of the disabled, has provided some services to guarantee to the disabled not only the right to study but also the integration within the academic life, conscious of the fact that it is not only necessary to abide by the law, but also to recognize an added value to its students. This awareness has gained force in these last years, through the experience shared with them.

Today the planned services have come true. These pages aim both at spreading the information on the rights of the disabled within the University, and to invite everybody to take part actively in these common route; it is open to all those people who wish to contribute to improving more and more a shared aspect of our life.


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Last updating: 04.09.2006