Doors open to the Sant'Agostino Convent of the University of Sannio on Sunday 26 September 2021 for the European Heritage Days 2021.

124 visitors appreciated the beauty of the former convent, led by the architect Amata Verdino and the archaeologist Antonio Mesisca. Throughout the day, the secrets of the building now home to the Department of Engineering, once a convent, built in the Trescene district in the 13th century, were revealed. The bell tower and some rooms that hide priceless beauties are open for the occasion. Columns and paintings that tell an ancient story.

"The Augustinian complex contains significant evidence of the archeology, architecture and artistic heritage of the ancient core of the city; traces of an important past that continually emerges in this building, a distinctive element of medieval Benevento. Due to its characteristics it becomes an identity element of an entire community ". This is the message that the two guides wanted to convey to the many visitors who participated in the event.

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“Even the most beautiful and fascinating things become transparent if taken for granted - said the rector Gerardo Canfora -. Benevento is full of buildings and glimpses of great historical value and undoubted charm on which too often we do not dwell our gaze sufficiently.

We at Unisannio believe that the beauty of places is an important element in creating a student-friendly study environment. For this reason, on the occasion of the European Heritage Days, we wanted to open the headquarters of Sant'Agostino, to discover together with the city a complex of great beauty revalued, respecting the historical-architectural characteristics, to make it a welcoming and technologically advanced study environment. .

The great interest shown by the city gives a further impetus to the university's commitment to the enhancement of its heritage, a common good available to students and the entire city. We are imagining a path that will lead to the use by all of the historic buildings of the University of Sannio ".

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