Elsevier, one of the most authoritative scientific publishers in the international arena, has recently published the ranking of the best scientists in the world, analyzing the impacts of their research through the main bibliometric parameters of the published scientific articles. 
The analysis of the bibliometric data, which covered millions of articles spread over 22 scientific sectors, made it possible to draw up the ranking of the top 100,000 scientists, or 2% of those evaluated.

The UniSannio researchers who are part of this prestigious elite are:
Gerardo Canfora, Giuseppe Graziano, Massimiliano Di Penta, Fernando Goglia, Riccardo De Salvo, Andrea Cusano, Pasquale Daponte, Mariarosaria Pecce, Alfredo Vaccaro, Sergio Rapuano, Luca De Vito. 

The tables summarising the evaluations are available at the following LINK