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Senese, R., F. Cioffi, P. de Lange, F. Goglia, and A. Lanni, "Thyroid: biological actions of 'non-classical' thyroid hormones", JOURNAL OF ENDOCRINOLOGY, vol. 221(2), pp. R1–R12, 2014.
Moreno, M., E. Silvestri, R. De Matteis, P. de Lange, A. Lombardi, D. Glinni, R. Senese, F. Cioffi, A. Salzano, A. Scaloni, et al., "3,5-Diiodo-L-thyronine prevents high-fat-diet-induced insulin resistance in rat skeletal muscle through metabolic and structural adaptations.", THE FASEB JOURNAL, vol. 25, pp. 3312–3324, 2011.
Santillo, A., L. Burrone, R. Senese, F. Cioffi, A. Lanni, and C. G. Baccari, "Effect of D-aspartate uptake on uncoupling protein-3 and α-tubulin expressions in rat Harderian gland.", JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY. B, vol. 879, pp. 3344–3348, 2011.
Silvestri, E., A. Lombardi, D. Glinni, R. Senese, F. Cioffi, A. Lanni, F.. Goglia, M. Moreno, and P. de Lange, "Mammalian mitochondrial proteome and its functions: current investigative techniques and future perspectives on ageing and diabetes", JOURNAL OF INTEGRATED OMICS, vol. 1, pp. 17–27, 2011.
de Lange, P., F. Cioffi, R. Senese, M. Moreno, A. Lombardi, E. Silvestri, R. De Matteis, L. Lionetti, M. Mollica, F. Goglia, et al., "Nonthyrotoxic prevention of diet-induced insulin resistance by 3,5-diiodo-L-thyronine in rats.", DIABETES, vol. 60, pp. 2730–2739, 2011.
Silvestri, E., A. Lombardi, P. de Lange, D. Glinni, R. Senese, F. Cioffi, A. Lanni, F. Goglia, and M. Moreno, "Studies of Complex Biological Systems with Applications to Molecular Medicine: the Need to Integrate Transcriptomic and Proteomic Approaches", JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICINE AND BIOTECHNOLOGY, vol. 2011, 2011.
Senese, R., V. Valli, M. Moreno, A. Lombardi, R. Busiello, F. Cioffi, E. Silvestri, F.. Goglia, A. Lanni, and P.. de Lange, "Uncoupling protein 3 expression levels influence insulin sensitivity, fatty acid oxidation, and related signaling pathways.", PFLÜGERS ARCHIV, vol. 461, pp. 153–164, 2011.