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Bioinformatica: Sfide e Prospettive, : Franco Angeli, 2007.
Book Chapter
Coccia, E., M. Ceccarelli, and G. Graziano, "On the 3D structure of leptins from different organisms and of the leptin-leptin receptor complex", Leptin in Non-mammalian Vertebrates: World Scientific, pp. 173-192, 2009.
Pagnotta, S. M., and M. Ceccarelli, "An Algorithm for Finding Gene Signatures Supervised by Survival Time Data", Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems: 15th International Conference, KES 2011, Kaiserslautern, Germany, September 12-14, 2011, Proceedings, Part I, Berlin, Heidelberg, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 568–578, 2011.
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Ceccarelli, M., and A. Petrosino, "Rough Fuzzy Computing for Unsupervised Image Segmentation", Advances in Physics, Electronics and Signal Processing Applications: World Scientific Publishing, pp. 144-147, 1999.
Ceccarelli, M., E. Di Sarno, E. Iovine, and G.. Maffeo, "SEANET: a Connectionist Expert System for Fault Alarm Classification", WIRN1992: World Scientific Publishing, pp. 343-348, 1992.
Conference Paper
Ceccarelli, M., N. De Luca, and A. Morganella, "An Active Contour Approach To Automatic Detection Of The Intima-Media Thickness", IEEE Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, 2006 (ICASSP 2006), vol. 2: IEEE, pp. 14-19, 2006.
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Baldi, P., M. Ceccarelli, and A. Maratea, "An Approach to Multifactorial Microarray Data Analysis", Bioinformatics Italy 2007: BITS, 2007.
Ceccarelli, M., N. De Luca, and A. Morganella, "Automatic Measurement of the Intima-Media Thickness with Active Contour Based Image Segmentation", IEEE Int. Workshop on Medical Measurement and Applications, 2007. MEMEA '07: IEEE, pp. 1-7, 2007.
Ceccarelli, M., and J. Michael Carstensen, "Bayesian Grid Matching for 2D Gel Registration", IEEE Imaging Systems and Techniques 2010: IEEE, pp. 279-283, 2010.
Ceccarelli, M., and A. Petrosino, "Blotch removal in degraded digital video using independent component analysis", IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks 2004: IEEE Press, pp. 272-275, 2004.