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Book Chapter
SNIDER, BJ., JY. Choi, , L.. M. Canzoniero, SL. SENSI, CT. SHELINE, and DW. CHOI, "Another facet of nitric oxide: reduction of toxic zinc influx through voltage-gated channels", Maturation phenomenon in cerebral ischemia III: defense mechanisms versus apoptosis neuronal recovery and protection in cerebral infarction, vol. 3, BERLIN HEIDELBERG, Springer-Verlag, 1991.
Journal Article
Behrens, M.. I., J. KOH, L.. M. Canzoniero, SL. SENSI, CA. CSERNANSKY, and D.. W. CHOI, "3-Nitropropionic acid induces apoptosis in cultured striatal and cortical neurons", NEUROREPORT, vol. 6, pp. 545–548, 1995.
SENSI, SL., E. ROCKABRAND, and L.. M. Canzoniero, "Acidosis enhances toxicity induced by kainate and zinc exposure in aged cultured astrocytes", BIOGERONTOLOGY, pp. 367–374, 2006.
Ciavardelli, D., E. Silvestri, , M. Bomba, , M. Moreno, , F.. Goglia, L. Maria Tere Canzoniero, and SL. SENSI, "Alterations of brain and cerebellar proteomes linked to Ab and tau pathology in a female triple-transgenic murine model of Alzheimer’s disease", CELL DEATH & DISEASE, 2010.
SENSI, SL., L.. M. Canzoniero, and S. Benoff, "Cell signaling in health and disease:Think Zinc!", MOLECULAR MEDICINE, vol. 13, 2007.
CHOI, WS., L.. M. Canzoniero, SL. SENSI, KL. O'MALLEY, BJ. GWAG, S. SOHN, JE. KIM, TH. OH, EB. LEE, and YJ. OH, "Characterization of MPP(+)-induced cell death in a dopaminergic neuronal cell line: role of macromolecule synthesis, cytosolic calcium, caspase, and Bcl-2-related proteins", EXPERIMENTAL NEUROLOGY, vol. 159, pp. 274–282, 1999.
BERTONI-FREDDARI, C., SL. SENSI, B. GIORGETTI, M. BALIETTI, G. DI STEFANO, L.. M. Canzoniero, T. CASOLI, and P. FATTORETTI, "Decreased presence of perforated synapses in a triple-transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease", REJUVENATION RESEARCH, vol. 11, pp. 309–313, 2008.
Corona, C., F. Masciopinto, E. Silvestri, , R. Lattanzio, , D. Ciavardelli, F.. Goglia, M. Piantelli, L. Maria Tere Canzoniero, et al., "Dietary zinc supplementation of 3xTg-AD mice increases BDNF levels and prevents cognitive deficits as well as mitochondrial dysfunction", CELL DEATH & DISEASE, vol. 1(10), e 91, 2010.
Corona, C., V. FRAZZINI, E. Silvestri, R. Lattanzio, R. LA SORDA, M. Piantelli, L.. M. Canzoniero, D. Ciavardelli, E. Rizzarelli, and SL. SENSI, "Effects of Dietary Supplementation of Carnosine on Mitochondrial Dysfunction, Amyloid Pathology, and Cognitive Deficits in 3xTg-AD Mice", PLOS ONE, vol. 6(3):e17971, 2011.
Bomba, M., D. Ciavardelli, E. Silvestri, L. Canzoniero, R. Lattanzio, P. Chiappini, M. Piantelli, C. DI ILIO, A. Consoli, and SL. SENSI, "Exenatide promotes cognitive enhancement and positive brain metabolic changes in PS1-KI mice but has no effects in 3xTg-AD animals.", CELL DEATH & DISEASE, vol. 4, 2013.
FRAZZINI, V., IR. RAPPOSELLI, C. Corona, E. ROCKABRAND, L.. M. Canzoniero, and SL. SENSI, "Mild Acidosis Enhances AMPA receptor-mediated intracellular zinc mobilization in cortical neurons", MOLECULAR MEDICINE, vol. 13, pp. 356–361, 2007.
SNIDER, BJ., J. CHOI, DM. Turetsky, L.. M. Canzoniero, SL. SENSI, CT. SHELINE, X. Wang, SP. YU, and DW. CHOI, "Nitric oxide reduces Ca(2+) and Zn(2+) influx through voltage-gated Ca(2+) channels and reduces Zn(2+) neurotoxicity", NEUROSCIENCE, vol. 100(3), pp. 651–661, 2000.
KOH, J., MB. WIE, BJ. GWAG, SL. SENSI, L.. M. Canzoniero, CA. CSERNANSKY, and DW.. CHOI, "Staurosporine induces apoptosis in cultured cortical neurons", EXPERIMENTAL NEUROLOGY, vol. 135, pp. 153–159, 1995.