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Guerriero, I., D. D'Angelo, P. Pallante, M. Santos, M. Scrima, D. Malanga, C. De Marco, M. Ravo, A. Weisz, C. Laudanna, et al., "Analysis of miRNA profiles identified miR-196a as a crucial mediator of aberrant PI3K/AKT signaling in lung cancer cells", Oncotarget, Nov, 2016.
Bedognetti, D., W. Hendrickx, M. Ceccarelli, L. D. Miller, and B. Seliger, "Disentangling the relationship between tumor genetic programs and immune responsiveness", Current opinion in immunology, vol. 39: Elsevier Current Trends, pp. 150–158, 2016.
Petrizzo, A., F. Pia Caruso, M. Tagliamonte, M. Lina Tornesello, M. Ceccarelli, V. Costa, M. Aprile, R. Esposito, G. Ciliberto, F. M. Buonaguro, et al., "Identification and Validation of HCC-specific Gene Transcriptional Signature for Tumor Antigen Discovery", Scientific Reports, vol. 6: Nature Publishing Group, 2016.
Ceccarelli, M., F. P. Barthel, T. M. Malta, T. S. Sabedotand, S. R. Salama, B. A. Murray, O. Morozova, Y. Newton, A. Radenbaugh, S. M. Pagnotta, et al., "Molecular profiling reveals biologically discrete subsets and pathways of progression in diffuse glioma", CELL, vol. 164, no. 3, pp. 550-563, 2016.
Porreca, I., F. D'Angelo, L. De Franceschi, A. Mattè, M. Ceccarelli, A. Iolascon, A. Zamò, F. Russo, M. Ravo, R. Tarallo, et al., "Pesticide toxicogenomics across scales: in vitro transcriptome predicts mechanisms and outcomes of exposure in vivo", Sci Rep, vol. 6, pp. 38131, Dec, 2016.
Tagliaferri, D., M. Teresa De Angelis, N. Antonino Russo, M. Marotta, M. Ceccarelli, L. Del Vecchio, M. De Felice, and G. Falco, "Retinoic Acid Specifically Enhances Embryonic Stem Cell Metastate Marked by Zscan4", PloS one, vol. 11, no. 2: Public Library of Science, pp. e0147683, 2016.
Porreca, I., L. Ulloa Severino, F. D'Angelo, D. Cuomo, M. Ceccarelli, L. Altucci, E. Amendola, A. Nebbioso, M. Mallardo, M. De Felice, et al., "Stockpile of Slight Transcriptomic Changes Determines the Indirect Genotoxicity of Low-Dose BPA in Thyroid Cells", PloS one, vol. 11, no. 3: Public Library of Science, pp. e0151618, 2016.
Silva, T. C., A. Colaprico, C. Olsen, F. D'Angelo, G. Bontempi, M. Ceccarelli, and H. Noushmehr, "TCGA Workflow: Analyze cancer genomics and epigenomics data using Bioconductor packages", F1000Research, vol. 5, 2016.
Colaprico, A., T. C. Silva, C. Olsen, L. Garofano, C. Cava, D. Garolini, T. Sabedot, T. Malta, S. M. Pagnotta, I. Castiglioni, et al., "TCGAbiolinks: An R/Bioconductor package for integrative analysis of TCGA data", Nucleic Acid Research, vol. 44, no. 8, pp. e71, 2016.
Iaccarino, G., F. Uliano, V. Trimarco, R. Izzo, S. M. Pagnotta, R. Tremigliozzi, natalia. Rivera, N. de Luca, marina. Marino, R. Finelli, et al., "Abstract 16737: Maternal Hypertension is More Often Observed Among Hypertensive Patients, and Associates to SNPs of the X Chromosome", Circulation, vol. 124, no. Suppl 21: American Heart Association, Inc., pp. A16737–A16737, 2015.
Malanga, D., C. De Marco, I. Guerriero, F. Colelli, N. Rinaldo, M. Scrima, T. Mirante, C. De Vitis, P. Zoppoli, M. Ceccarelli, et al., "The Akt1/IL-6/STAT3 pathway regulates growth of lung tumor initiating cells.", Oncotarget, 2015.
Malta, T., T. Sabedot, M. Ceccarelli, F. Barthel, S. M. Pagnotta, A. Iavarone, R. Verhaak, TCGA. L. G. G. - G. B. M. wo group, and H. Noushmehr, "EPIG-14EPIGENOMIC (DNA METHYLATION AND EXPRESSION) SIGNATURES DEFINE SUBSETS OF BOTH IDHmut AND IDHwt GLIOMA WITH DISTINCT CLINICAL OUTCOMES", Neuro-Oncology, vol. 17, no. suppl 5, pp. v89, 2015.
Carchia, E., I. Porreca, PJ. Almeida, F. D'Angelo, D. Cuomo, M. Ceccarelli, M. De Felice, M. Mallardo, and C. Ambrosino, "Evaluation of low doses BPA-induced perturbation of glycemia by toxicogenomics points to a primary role of pancreatic islets and to the mechanism of toxicity", Cell death & disease, vol. 6, no. 10: Nature Publishing Group, pp. e1959, 2015.
Barthel, F. P., M. Ceccarelli, T. M. Malta, T. S. Sabedot, S. R. Salama, S. M. Pagnotta, B. A. Murray, O. Morozova, Y. Newton, D. J. Brat, et al., "GENO-06A PAN-GLIOMA CHARACTERIZATION OF GENOMIC, EPIGENOMIC AND TRANSCRIPTOMIC ACTIVITIES REVEALS NOVEL RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN HISTOLOGICAL SUBTYPES AND MOLECULAR SIGNATURES", Neuro-Oncology, vol. 17, no. suppl 5, pp. v92, 2015.
Ruvo, G., V. Nardone, A. Santone, M. Ceccarelli, and L. Cerulo, "Infer Gene Regulatory Networks from Time Series Data with Probabilistic Model Checking", Proceedings - 3rd FME Workshop on Formal Methods in Software Engineering, Formalise 2015, pp. 26–32, 2015.
Cerulo, L., M. Di Penta, A.. Bacchelli, M. Ceccarelli, and G. Canfora, "Irish: A Hidden Markov Model to detect coded information islands in free text", Science of Computer Programming, vol. 105, 2015.
Remo, A., I. Simeone, M. Pancione, P. Parcesepe, P. Finetti, L. Cerulo Hal Bensmail, D. Birnbaum, S. J. Van Laere, V. Colantuoni, F. Bonetti, et al., Systems biology analysis reveals NFAT5 as a novel biomarker and master regulator of Inflammatory Breast Cancer, , vol. 13, pp. 138, 2015.