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DE BONIS, A., G. Cultrone, C. Grifa, A. Langella, A. Leone, M. Mercurio, and V. Morra, "Different shades of red: The complexity of mineralogical and physico-chemical factors influencing the colour of ceramics", CERAMICS INTERNATIONAL, vol. 43, pp. 8065–8074, 2017.
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Mercurio, M., P. Cappelletti, B. DE GENNARO, M. DE GENNARO, F. Bovera, F. Iannaccone, C. Grifa, A. Langella, V. Monetti, and L. Esposito, "The effect of digestive activity of pig gastro-intestinal tract on zeolite-rich rocks: An in vitro study", MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS, vol. 225, pp. 133–136, 2016.
Markovic, M., A. Dakovic, D. Krajisnik, M. Kragovic, J. Milic, A. Langella, B. DE GENNARO, P. Cappelletti, and M. Mercurio, "Evaluation of the surfactant/phillipsite composites as carriers for diclofenac sodium", JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS, vol. 222, pp. 711–716, 2016.
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Mercurio, M., S. Ciarcia, F. Russo, C. Grifa, V. Morra, A. Buondonno, V. Mercurio, A. DE BONIS, and A. Langella, "Unicuique suum tribuere: The latent geological influence on "Fiano di Avellino DOCG" terroir. Case study", RENDICONTI ONLINE DELLA SOCIETÀ GEOLOGICA ITALIANA, vol. 36, pp. 146–149, 2016.