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Migliaccio, G.., M. Lurgi, and V. Antonia Aufiero, "Business networks in Italian tourism. Case study: “Rete destinazione sud", INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LEISURE AND TOURISM MARKETING, To appear.
Pappalardo, D., T. Mathisen, and A. Finne-Wistrand, "Biocompatibility of Resorbable Polymers: A Historical Perspective and Framework for the Future", BIOMACROMOLECULES, 2019.
Romano, P., and M. Mandrone, "Biophysical treatment of muscular activity with a collection of homeworks", PHYSICS EDUCATION, vol. 54, 2019.
Valério, A.., E.. Mancusi, F.. Ferreira, S.M.A.. Guelli Uls de Souza, A.A.U.. de Souza, and S.Y.G.. González, "Biopolymer-hydrophobic drug fibers and the delivery mechanisms for sustained release applications", European Polymer Journal, vol. 112, pp. 400-410, 2019.
Farina, A., and S. Ullo, "Book Review (Human-in-the-Loop. Probabilistic Modeling of an Aerospace Mission Outcome)", INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN FACTORS MODELLING AND SIMULATION, 2019.
Cioffi, F., R. Senese, G. Petito, P. Lasala, P. de Lange, E. Silvestri, A. Lombardi, M. Moreno, F. Goglia, and A. Lanni, "Both 3,3',5-triiodothyronine and 3,5-diodo-L-thyronine Are Able to Repair Mitochondrial DNA Damage but by Different Mechanisms", FRONTIERS IN ENDOCRINOLOGY, vol. 10, 2019.
Park, K., O. Meglio, and S. Schriber, "Building a Global Corporate Social Responsibility Program through Mergers and Acquisitions: A Managerial Framework", BUSINESS HORIZONS, 2019.
Ascione, F.., N.. Bianco, G.M.. Mauro, and D.F.. Napolitano, "Building envelope design: Multi-objective optimization to minimize energy consumption, global cost and thermal discomfort. Application to different Italian climatic zones", Energy, pp. 359-374, 2019.
Migliaccio, G.., and F. Losco, "BALANCE OF ASSETS OF SOCIAL WELFARE HOME DURING THE CRISIS PERIOD (2007-2015)", Conference readings book proceedings, 11th Annual Conference of the EuroMed Academy of Business: Research Advancements in National and Global Business Theory and Practice, vol. 11, Cyprus, EuroMed Press, pp. 965–979, 2018.
De Matteis, R., V. Convertito, and A. Zollo, "BISTROP: Bayesian Inversion of Spectral-Level Ratios and P-Wave Polarities for Focal Mechanism Determination", GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH ABSTRACTS, vol. Vol. 20, EGU2018-12479, 2018.
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Damiani, F. Saverio, "Brevi osservazioni su sinteticità e autosufficienza del ricorso per cassazione", IL FORO ITALIANO, vol. 2, 2018.
ANTONELLI, G., E. Mollona, and L. Moschera, "Burt- Or Coleman-Type Rents, Or a Bit of Both? Knowledge Management Strategies in Suppliers’ Networks", INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT, vol. 13, pp. 274–289, 2018.
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Senese, R., F. Cioffi, P. de Lange, C. Leanza, L. Iannucci, E. Silvestri, M. Moreno, A. Lombardi, F.. Goglia, and A. Lanni, "Both 3,5-Diiodo-L-Thyronine and 3,5,3'-Triiodo-L-Thyronine Prevent Short-term Hepatic Lipid Accumulation via Distinct Mechanisms in Rats Being Fed a High-Fat Diet.", FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 8:706., 2017.
FORTE, P., "Breves consideraciones sobre la adquisición de obras de arte en la regulación europea de los contratos públicos", REVISTA DE ESTUDIOS DE LA ADMINISTRACIÓN LOCAL Y AUTONÓMICA, pp. 97–115, 2017.
Guerriero, L., G. Guerriero, G. Grelle, F.. M. Guadagno, and P. Revellino, "Brief Communication: A low-cost Arduino®-based wire extensometer for earth flow monitoring", NATURAL HAZARDS AND EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCES, vol. 17, pp. 881–885, 2017.