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DUGAN, L.. L., S.. L. SENSI, L.. M. Canzoniero, S.. H. HANDRAN, S.. M. ROTHMAN, M.. P. GOLDBERG, and CHOI. D. W, "Mitochondrial production of reactive oxygen species in cortical neurons following exposure to N-methyl-D aspartate", THE JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, vol. 15, pp. 6377–6388, 1995.
FORMISANO, L., N. GUIDA, G. LAUDATI, L. MASCOLO, G. DI RENZO, and L.. M. Canzoniero, "MS-275 inhibits aroclor 1254-induced SH-SY5Y neuronal cell toxicity by preventing theformation of the HDAC3/REST complex on the synapsin-1 promoter", THE JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICS, vol. 352, pp. 236–243, 2015.
Canzoniero, L.. M., A.. M. ROSSI, M. TAGLIALATELA, L.. ANNUNZIATO, and G.. F. Di Renzo, "The Na+-Ca++ exchanger activity in cerebrocortical nerve endings is reduced in old compared to young and mature rats when it operates as a Ca++ influx or efflux pathway", BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-BIOMEMBRANES, vol. 1107, pp. 175–178, 1992.
ANNUNZIATO, L.., M.. Taglialatela, L.. M. Canzoniero, A.. FATATIS, and G.. F. Di Renzo, "The Na(+)-Ca++ exchanger in central nerve endings: the relationship between its pharmacological blockade and dopamine release from tuberoinfundibular hypothalamic neurons", NEUROCHEMISTRY INTERNATIONAL, vol. 20, pp. 95–99, 1992.
Taglialatela, M.., L.. M. Canzoniero, CRAGOE. E. J. JR, G. DI RENZO, and L. Annunziato, "Na(+)-Ca2+ exchange activity in central nerve endings. II. Relationship between pharmacological blockade by amiloride analogues and dopamine release from tuberoinfundibular hypothalamic neurons", MOLECULAR PHARMACOLOGY, vol. 38, pp. 393–400, 1990.
Secondo, A., IR. STAIANO, A. SCORZIELLO, R. SIRABELLA, F. Boscia, A. ADORNETTO, L.. M. Canzoniero, G. DI RENZO, and L. Annunziato, "The Na+/Ca2+ exchanger isoform 3 (NCX3) but not isoform 2 (NCX2) and 1 (NCX1) singly transfected in BHK cells plays a protective role in a model of in vitro hypoxia", ANNALS OF THE NEW YORK ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, vol. 1099, pp. 481–485, 2007.
FORMISANO, L., N. GUIDA, V. VALSECCHI, G. PIGNATARO, A. VINCIGUERRA, A. PANNACCIONE, A. Secondo, F. Boscia, P. MOLINARO, MJ. SISALLI, et al., "NCX1 is a new rest target gene: role in cerebral ischemia", NEUROBIOLOGY OF DISEASE, vol. 50, pp. 76–85, 2013.
YU, S.. P., C.. H. YEH, S.. L. SENSI, B.. J. GWAG, L.. M. Canzoniero, Z.. S. FARHANGRAZI, H.. S. YING, L.. L. DUGAN, and D.. W. CHOI, "Neuronal apoptosis is mediated by enhancement of outward potassium current and potassium efflux", SCIENCE, vol. 278, pp. 114–117, 1997.
SCORZIELLO, A., C. PELLEGRINI, A. Secondo, R. SIRABELLA, L. FORMISANO, L. SIBAUD, S. Amoroso, L.. M. Canzoniero, L. Annunziato, and , "Neuronal NOS activation during oxygen and glucose deprivation triggers cerebellar granule cell death in the later reoxygenation phase", JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH, vol. 76, pp. 812–821, 2004.
DUARTE, E.. P., M. CURCIO, L.. M. Canzoniero, and CB. DUARTE, "Neuroprotection by GDNF in the ischemic brain.", GROWTH FACTORS, vol. 30, pp. 242–257, 2012.
Guida, N.., G.. Laudati, A.. Serani, L.. Mascolo, P.. Molinaro, P.. Montuori, G.. Di Renzo, L.. M. Canzoniero, and L. FORMISANO, "The neurotoxicant PCB-95 by increasing the neuronal transcriptional repressor REST down-regulates caspase-8 and increases Ripk1, Ripk3 and MLKL expression determining necroptotic neuronal death", BIOCHEMICAL PHARMACOLOGY, vol. 142, pp. 229–241, 2017.
SNIDER, BJ., J. CHOI, DM. Turetsky, L.. M. Canzoniero, SL. SENSI, CT. SHELINE, X. Wang, SP. YU, and DW. CHOI, "Nitric oxide reduces Ca(2+) and Zn(2+) influx through voltage-gated Ca(2+) channels and reduces Zn(2+) neurotoxicity", NEUROSCIENCE, vol. 100(3), pp. 651–661, 2000.
SNIDER, BJ., LY. TEE, L.. M. Canzoniero, DJ. BABCOCK, and DW. CHOI, "NMDA antagonists exacerbate neuronal death caused by proteasome inhibition in cultured cortical and striatal neurons", EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, vol. 15, pp. 419–428, 2002.
Canzoniero, L.. M., A. Granzotto, DM. Turetsky, DW. CHOI, LL. DUGAN, and S.. Sensi, "nNOS(+) striatal neurons, a subpopulation spared in Huntington's Disease, possess functional NMDA receptors but fail to generate mitochondrial ROS in response to an excitotoxic challenge", FRONTIERS IN PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 4, 2013.
SCORZIELLO, A., M. Santillo, A. ADORNETTO, C. DELL'AVERSANO, R. SIRABELLA, S. DAMIANO, L.. M. Canzoniero, GF. RENZO, and L. Annunziato, "NO-induced neuroprotection in ischemic preconditioning stimulates mitochondrial Mn-SOD activity and expression via RAS/ERK1/2 pathway", JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY, vol. 103,(4), pp. 1472–1480, 2007.
GUIDA, N., G. LAUDATI, L. MASCOLO, V. VALSECCHI, R. SIRABELLA, C. SELLERI, G. DI RENZO, L.. M. Canzoniero, and , "p38/Sp1/Sp4/HDAC4/BDNF Axis Is a Novel Molecular Pathway of the Neurotoxic Effect of the Methylmercury", FRONTIERS IN NEUROSCIENCE, vol. 11, 2017.
Di Renzo, G.., S.. AMOROSO, M.. Taglialatela, L.. M. Canzoniero, V.. BASILE, A.. FATATIS, and L. Annunziato, "Pharmacological characterization of serotonin receptors involved in the control of prolactin secretion", EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY, vol. 162, pp. 371–373, 1989.
COCCO, S., A. Secondo, A. DEL VISCOVO, C. PROCACCINI, L. FORMISANO, C. Franco, A. Esposito, A. SCORZIELLO, G. Matarese, G. DI RENZO, et al., "Polychlorinated Biphenyls Induce Mitochondrial Dysfunction in SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma Cells", PLOS ONE, vol. 10, 2015.
AMOROSO, S.., M.. Taglialatela, L.. M. Canzoniero, CRAGOE. E. J. JR, G.. Di Renzo, and L. Annunziato, "Possible involvement of Ca2+ ions, protein kinase C and Na(+)-H+ antiporter in insulin-induced endogenous dopamine release from tuberoinfundibular neurons", LIFE SCIENCES, 1990.
SHELINE, CT., T. TAKATA, H. YING, L.. M. Canzoniero, A. YANG, SP. YU, and DW.. CHOI, "Potassium attenuates zinc-induced death of cultured cortical astrocytes", GLIA, vol. 46, pp. 18–27, 2004.
Di Renzo, G.., S.. AMOROSO, M.. Taglialatela, L.. M. Canzoniero, P.. MAIDA, G.. LOMBARDI, and L.. ANNUNZIATO, "Pure uptake blockers of dopamine can reduce prolactin secretion: studies with diclofensine", LIFE SCIENCES, vol. 42, pp. 2161–2169, 1988.
Isopi, E., A. Granzotto, C. Corona, M. Bomba, D. Ciavardelli, M. CURCIO, L.. M. Canzoniero, R. Navarra, R. Lattanzio, M. Piantelli, et al., "Pyruvate prevents the development of age-dependent cognitive deficits in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease without reducing amyloid and tau pathology.", NEUROBIOLOGY OF DISEASE, vol. 81, pp. 214–224, 2015.
Canzoniero, L.. M., DJ. BABCOCK, FJ. GOTTRON, MC. GRABB, P. MANZERRA, BJ. SNIDER, and DW. CHOI, "Raising intracellular calcium attenuates neuronal apoptosis triggered by staurosporine or oxygen-glucose deprivation in the presence of glutamate receptor blockade", NEUROBIOLOGY OF DISEASE, vol. 15, pp. 520–528, 2004.
Canzoniero, L.. M., S.. L. SENSI, and D.. W. CHOI, "Recovery from NMDA-induced intracellular acidification is slow and dependent on extracellular bicarbonate", AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 270, pp. 593–599, 1996.
FORMISANO, L., N. GUIDA, S. COCCO, A. Secondo, R. SIRABELLA, L. Ulianich, F. PATURZO, G. DI RENZO, and L.. M. Canzoniero, "The repressor element 1-silencing transcription factor is a novel molecular target for the neurotoxic effect of the polychlorinated biphenyl mixture aroclor 1254 in neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells", THE JOURNAL OF PHARMACOLOGY AND EXPERIMENTAL THERAPEUTICS, vol. 338, pp. 997–1003, 2011.