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Remo, A., E. Manfrin, P. Parcesepe, A. Ferrarini, H. Han, M. Ugnius, C. Laudanna, M. Simbolo, M. Malanga, D. Oliveira, et al., "Centrosome Linker-induced Tetraploid Segregation Errors link Rhabdoid Phenotype and Lethal Colorectal Cancers", MOLECULAR CANCER RESEARCH, 2018.
Pancione, M., A. Remo, C. Zanella, L. Sabatino, A. DI BLASI, C. Laudanna, L. Astati, M. Rocco, D. Bifano, P. Piacentini, et al., "The chromatin remodelling component SMARCB1/INI1 influences the metastatic behavior of colorectal cancer through a gene signature mapping to chromosome 22", JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE, vol. 11:297, pp. 1–12, 2013.
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Noviello, T. M. R., A. Di Liddo, G. M. Ventola, A. Spagnuolo, S. D'Aniello, M. Ceccarelli, and L. Cerulo, "Detection of long non-coding RNA homology, a comparative study on alignment and alignment-free metrics", BMC BIOINFORMATICS, vol. 19, 2018.
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Malta, T., T. Sabedot, M. Ceccarelli, F. Barthel, S. M. Pagnotta, A. Iavarone, R. Verhaak, TCGA. L. G. G. - G. B. M. wo group, and H. Noushmehr, "EPIG-14EPIGENOMIC (DNA METHYLATION AND EXPRESSION) SIGNATURES DEFINE SUBSETS OF BOTH IDHmut AND IDHwt GLIOMA WITH DISTINCT CLINICAL OUTCOMES", Neuro-Oncology, vol. 17, no. suppl 5, pp. v89, 2015.
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Ceccarelli, M., and A. Maratea, "A fuzzy extension of some Concordance measures and an efficient algorithm for their computation", Lecture Notes in Computer Sciece, vol. 5179, pp. 755-763, 2008.
Ceccarelli, M., F. Musacchia, and A. Petrosino, "A Fuzzy Scale-Space Approach to Feature-Based Image Representation and Retrieval", Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 3704, pp. 377-385, 2005.
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Hendrickx, W.., I.. Simeone, S.. Anjum, Y.. Mokrab, F.. Bertucci, P.. Finetti, G.. Curigliano, B.. Seliger, L. Cerulo, S.. Tomei, et al., "Identification of genetic determinants of breast cancer immune phenotypes by integrative genome-scale analysis", ONCOIMMUNOLOGY, vol. 6, 2017.