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Ceroni, F., A. GAROFANO, and M. Pecce, "Modelling of the bond behaviour of tuff elements externally bonded with FRP sheets", COMPOSITES. PART B, ENGINEERING, vol. 59, pp. 248–259, 2014.
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Bilotta, A., F. Ceroni, E. Nigro, and M. Pecce, "Efficiency of CFRP NSM strips and EBR plates for flexural strengthening of RC beams and influence of the loading pattern", COMPOSITES. PART B, ENGINEERING, vol. 124, pp. 163–175, 2015.
De Angelis, A., M. Pecce, and F. Rossi, "Linear time history analysis for the out-of-plane seismic demand of infill walls in RC framed buildings", BULLETIN OF EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING, vol. 13, pp. 3325–3352, 2015.
Ceroni, F., F. Ascione, R. Francesca DE MASI, F. de Rossi, and M. Pecce, "Multidisciplinary Approach to Structural/Energy Diagnosis of Historical Buildings: A Case Study", Proc. of 7th International Conference on Applied Energy, ICAE2015., vol. 75, pp. 1325–1334, 2015.
De Angelis, A., and M. Pecce, "Seismic nonstructural vulnerability assessment in school buildings", NATURAL HAZARDS, vol. 79, pp. 1333–1358, 2015.
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Ceroni, F., M. Ianniciello, and M. Pecce, "Bond behavior of FRP carbon plates externally bonded over steel and concrete elements: Experimental outcomes and numerical investigations", COMPOSITES. PART B, ENGINEERING, vol. 92, pp. 434–446, 2016.
de SILVA, F., F. Silvestri, S. SICA, M. Pecce, and F. Ceroni, "Experimental and numerical dynamic identification of Carmine bell tower in Naples (Italy)", 4th International workshop on DYNAMIC INTERACTION OF SOIL AND STRUCTURE (DISS-2015): DISS_Edition c/o DICEAA - L’Aquila University, pp. 367–382, 2016.
GAROFANO, A., F. Ceroni, and M. Pecce, "Modelling of the in-plane behaviour of masonry walls strengthened with polymeric grids embedded in cementitious mortar layers", COMPOSITES. PART B, ENGINEERING, vol. 85, pp. 243–258, 2016.
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Godat, A., F. Ceroni, O. Chaallal, and M. Pecce, "Evaluation of FRP-to-concrete anchored joints designed for FRP shear-strengthened RC T-beams", COMPOSITE STRUCTURES, vol. 176, pp. 481–495, 2017.
Ascione, F., F. Ceroni, R. Francesca DE MASI, de’. F Rossi, and M. Pecce, "Historical buildings: Multidisciplinary approach to structural/energy diagnosis and performance assessment", APPLIED ENERGY, vol. 185, pp. 1517–1528, 2017.
De Angelis, A.., M.. Muccciaciaro, M. Pecce, and S.. Sica, "Influence of SSI on the Stiffness of Bridge Systems Founded on Caissons", JOURNAL OF BRIDGE ENGINEERING, vol. 22, pp. 04017045-1–04017045-15, 2017.
Clemente, C., D. Davino, G. Maddaloni, M. Pecce, and C. Visone, "A Magnetostrictive Energy Harvesting System for Bridge Structural Health Monitoring", 7th Forum on New Materials - Part E, vol. 101, pp. 20–25, 2017.
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De Angelis, A.., N.. Cheche, R.. F. De Masi, M. Pecce, and G.. P. Vanoli, "Multi-criteria analysis for sustainable buildings", LECTURE NOTES IN CIVIL ENGINEERING, vol. 10, pp. 3–16, 2018.
De Angelis, A., R. Francesca DE MASI, S. Ruggiero, M. Pecce, and G. Peter Vanoli, "Multi-criteria methodology to support decision making concerning opaque envelope components", Seismic And Energy Renovation For Sustainable Cities: Edicom, pp. 622–633, 2018.