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Conference Paper
Cicchella, D., S.. Albanese, M.. Birke, B.. De Vivo, E.. Dinelli, A.. Lima, C.. Reimann, and P.. Valera, "Mapping Geochemical Patterns Distribution at Large Scale Using Composite Samples to Reduce the Analytical Costs", Atti de “I Giornata della Geochimica Ambientale”, 2010.
Lima, A.., B.. De Vivo, D. Cicchella, and S.. Albanese, "Natural radioactivity of Campania region (Italy)", Proceedings of 32nd International Geological Congress, 2004.
Cicchella, D., S.. Albanese, B.. De Vivo, and A.. Lima, "Platinum group element distribution in the soils from urban areas of Campania Region (Italy)", Proceedings of GeoItalia 2009 VII Forum italiano di Scienze della Terra, 2009.
Lima, A.., B.. De Vivo, D. Cicchella, and S.. Albanese, "Radioactivity in the Neapolitan volcanic areas: a comparison between superficial geochemistry of radiogenic elements and gamma-ray surveys", Proceedings of Cities on Volcanoes 4° Conference, 2006.
De Vivo, B.., S.. Albanese, C.. Qu, D. Cicchella, D.. Zuzolo, A.. Lima, D.. Hope, M.. Esposito, A.. Gallo, A.. Pizzolante, et al., "A regional-wide soil characterization for PAHs, OCPs and PCBs: the Campania Region case study", 36th International Symposium on Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants, 2016.
Valera, P., P. Zavattari, S. ALBANESE, D. Cicchella, E. Dinelli, A. LIMA, and B.. De Vivo, "Results of a ecologic study between Multiple Sclerosis and Type 1 Diabetes incidences and geochemical data in Europe", GEOITALIA 2013 - EPITOME, pp. 67–67, 2013.
Lima, A.., B.. De Vivo, and D. Cicchella, "Silicate-melt inclusions in Roccamonfina lavas: microthermometry and analytical chemistry", Proceedings of ECROFI XV (European Current Research on Fluid Inclusions). Terra Nostra, pp. 187–189, 1999.
Lima, A.., B.. De Vivo, S.. Albanese, and D. Cicchella, "Stream sediment geochemistry and gamma-ray surveys for the radioelements K, U and Th in the Campania region, Italy", Proceedings of GEOITALIA 2005, vol. 1, 2005.
SOMMA, R.., B.. De Vivo, and D. Cicchella, "Top Soils Geochemical and Radioactivity Survey of Naples (Italy)", Prroceedings of AGU Fall Meeting 2001. EOS Transaction, vol. 82, 2001.
Cicchella, D., B.. De Vivo, L.. Giaccio, E.. Dinelli, A.. Lima, S.. Albanese, and P.. Valera, "Trace elements and ions in Italian bottled mineral waters: Identification of anomalous values and human health related effects", Libro degli abstract de "I Giornata della Geochimica Ambientale", 2010.
De Vivo, B.., A.. Lima, S.. Albanese, D. Cicchella, L.. FEDELE, and GREZZI. G., "Urban geochemical mapping in the Campania region", Proceedings of GEOITALIA 2007, 2007.
Journal Article
Zuzolo, D.., D. Cicchella, V.. Catani, L.. Giaccio, I.. Guagliardi, L.. Esposito, and B.. De Vivo, "Assessment of potentially harmful elements pollution in the Calore River basin (Southern Italy)", ENVIRONMENTAL GEOCHEMISTRY AND HEALTH, vol. 39, pp. 531–548, 2017.
Cicchella, D., J. Hoogewerff, S. ALBANESE, P. Adamo, A. LIMA, MVE. Taiani, and B.. De Vivo, "Distribution of toxic elements and transfer from the environment to humans traced by using lead isotopes. A case of study in the Sarno river basin, south Italy.", ENVIRONMENTAL GEOCHEMISTRY AND HEALTH, vol. 38, pp. 619–637, 2016.
De Vivo, B.., P.. Ni, and D. Cicchella, "Editorial for JGE Special Issue: Regional exploration and environmental geochemistry in Italy and China", JOURNAL OF GEOCHEMICAL EXPLORATION, vol. 195, pp. 1–2, 2018.
Zuzolo, D., D. Cicchella, S. ALBANESE, A. LIMA, R. Zuo, and B.. De Vivo, "Exploring uni-element geochemical data under a compositional perspective", APPLIED GEOCHEMISTRY, vol. 91, pp. 174–184, 2018.
ALBANESE, S., M. Sadheghi, A. LIMA, D. Cicchella, E. Dinelli, P. Valera, M. Falconi, A. Demetriades, and B.. De Vivo, "GEMAS: Cobalt, Cr, Cu and Ni distribution in agricultural and grazing land soil of Europe.", JOURNAL OF GEOCHEMICAL EXPLORATION, vol. 154, pp. 81–93, 2015.
Reimann, C., K. Fabian, M. Birke, P. Filzmoser, A. Demetriades, P. Negrel, K. Oorts, J. Matschullat, P. de Caritat, S.. Albanese, et al., "GEMAS: Establishing geochemical background and threshold for 53 chemical elements in European agricultural soil", APPLIED GEOCHEMISTRY, vol. 88, pp. 302–318, 2018.
Fabian, C.., C.. Reimann, K.. Fabian, M.. Birke, R.. Baritz, E.. Haslinger, S.. Albanese, M.. Andersson, M.. J. Batista, A.. Bel-lan, et al., "GEMAS: Spatial distribution of the pH of European agricultural and grazing land soil", APPLIED GEOCHEMISTRY, vol. 48, pp. 207–216, 2014.
Reimann, C., B. FLEM, K. FABIAN, M. Birke, A. Ladenberger, P. Negrel, A. Demetriades, J. Hoogewerff, S. ALBANESE, M. Andersson, et al., "Lead and lead isotopes in agricultural soils of Europe - The continental perspective.", APPLIED GEOCHEMISTRY, vol. 27, pp. 532–542, 2012.
Mann, A.., C.. Reimann, P.. de Caritat, N.. Turner, M.. Birke, S.. Albanese, M.. Andersson, M.. J. Batista, A.. Bel-lan, D. Cicchella, et al., "Mobile Metal Ion® analysis of European agricultural soils: bioavailability, weathering, geogenic patterns and anthropogenic anomalies.", GEOCHEMISTRY: EXPLORATION, ENVIRONMENT, ANALYSIS, vol. 15, pp. 99–112, 2015.
Thiombane, M.., D.. Zuzolo, D. Cicchella, S.. Albanese, A.. Lima, M.. Cavaliere, and B.. De Vivo, "Soil geochemical follow-up in the Cilento World Heritage Park (Campania, Italy) through exploratory compositional data analysis and C-A fractal model.", JOURNAL OF GEOCHEMICAL EXPLORATION, vol. 189, pp. 85–99, 2018.