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Lomaglio, T., M. Rocco, D. Trupiano, E. De Zio, A. Grosso, M. MARRA, S. Delfine, D. Chiatante, D. Morabito, and GS. Scippa, "Effect of short-term cadmium stress on Populus nigra L. detached leaves", JOURNAL OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 182, pp. 40–48, 2015.
Rocco, M., G. Corrado, S. Arena, C. D'Ambrosio, C. TORTIGLIONE, S. SELLAROLI, M. MARRA, R. Rao, and A. Scaloni, "The expression of tomato prosystemin gene in tobacco plants highly affects host proteomic repertoire", JOURNAL OF PROTEOMICS, vol. 71, pp. 176–185, 2008.
Trupiano, D., A. Di Iorio, A. Montagnoli, B. Lasserre, M. Rocco, A. Grosso, A. Scaloni, M. MARRA, D. Chiatante, and GS. Scippa, "Involvement of lignin and hormones in the response of woody poplar taproots to mechanical stress", PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM, 2012.
Rodolfo, C., M. Rocco, L. Cattaneo, M. Tartaglia, M. Sassi, P. Aducci, A. Scaloni, L. Camoni, and M. MARRA, "Ophiobolin a induces autophagy and activates the mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis in human melanoma cells", PLOS ONE, vol. 11, 2016.
D'Ambrosio, C., S. Arena, M. Rocco, F. Verrillo, G. Novi, V. Viscosi, M. MARRA, and A. Scaloni, "Proteomic analysis of apricot fruit during ripening", JOURNAL OF PROTEOMICS, 2013.
Guarino, C., S. Arena, L. DE SIMONE, , S. SANTORO, M. Rocco, A. Scaloni, and M. MARRA, "Proteomic analysis of the major soluble components in Annurca apple flesh", MOLECULAR NUTRITION & FOOD RESEARCH, vol. 51(2), pp. 255–262, 2007.
Rocco, M., C. D'Ambrosio, S. Arena, M. FAUROBERT, A. Scaloni, and M. MARRA, "Proteomic analysis of tomato fruits from two ecotypes during ripening", PROTEOMICS, vol. 6(13), pp. 3781–3791, 2006.
Huang, C., F. Verrillo, G. Renzone, S. Arena, M. Rocco, A. Scaloni, and M. MARRA, "Response to biotic and oxidative stress in arabidopsis thaliana: analysis of variably phosphorylated proteins", JOURNAL OF PROTEOMICS, vol. 74, pp. 1934–1949, 2011.
Polizzi, G., V. Guarnaccia, A. Vitale, M. MARRA, M. Rocco, S. Arena, A. Scaloni, F. Giuffrida, L. C Cassaniti, and C.., "Scion/rootstock interaction and tolerance expression of tomato to FORL", ACTA HORTICULTURAE, vol. 1086, pp. 189–194, 2015.
Vitale, A., M. Rocco, S. Arena, F. Giuffrida, C. Cassaniti, A. Scaloni, T. Lomaglio, V. Guarnaccia, G. Polizzi, M. MARRA, et al., "Tomato susceptibility to Fusarium crown and root rot: effect of grafting combination and proteomic analysis of tolerance expression in the rootstock.", PLANT PHYSIOLOGY & BIOCHEMISTRY, vol. 83, pp. 207–216, 2014.