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Conference Paper
Trupiano, D., M. Rocco, A. Di Iorio, D. Chiatante, and GS. Scippa, "Poplar roots under mechanical stress: assimetric alteration of proteome and lignin content", Special issues:redox signal integration, vol. 133, Umea, Vaughan Hurry, pp. 459–622, 2008.
Journal Article
Lomaglio, T., M. Rocco, D. Trupiano, E. De Zio, A. Grosso, M. MARRA, S. Delfine, D. Chiatante, D. Morabito, and GS. Scippa, "Effect of short-term cadmium stress on Populus nigra L. detached leaves", JOURNAL OF PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 182, pp. 40–48, 2015.
Scippa, GS., D. Trupiano, M. Rocco, V. Viscosi, M. Di Michele, A. D'ANDREA, and D. Chiatante, "An integrated approach to the characterization of two autochthonous lentil (Lens culinaris) landraces of Molise (south-central Italy)", HEREDITY, vol. 101, pp. 136–144, 2008.
Trupiano, D., A. Di Iorio, A. Montagnoli, B. Lasserre, M. Rocco, A. Grosso, A. Scaloni, M. MARRA, D. Chiatante, and GS. Scippa, "Involvement of lignin and hormones in the response of woody poplar taproots to mechanical stress", PHYSIOLOGIA PLANTARUM, 2012.
Ialicicco, M., V. Viscosi, S. Arena, A. Scaloni, D. Trupiano, M. Rocco, D. Chiatante, and GS. Scippa, "Lens culinaris Medik. Seed proteome: analysis to identify landrace markers", PLANT SCIENCE, 2012.
Trupiano, D., M. Rocco, G. Renzone, A. Scaloni, A. Montagnoli, M. Terzaghi, A. Di Iorio, D. Chiatante, and GS. Scippa, "Poplar woody root proteome during the transition dormancy-active growth", PLANT BIOSYSTEMS, vol. 147, pp. 1095–1100, 2013.
Scippa, GS., M. Rocco, M. Ialicicco, D. Trupiano, V. Viscosi, M. Di Michele, S. Arena, , and CHIATANTE. S. C. A. L. O. N. I. A, "The Proteome of Lentil (Lens Culinaris Medik.) Seeds: Discriminating Between Landraces", ELECTROPHORESIS, vol. 31, pp. 497–506, 2010.
Trupiano, D., M. Rocco, G. Renzone, A. Scaloni, V. Viscosi, D. Chiatante, and GS. Scippa, "The proteome of Populus nigra woody root: response to bending", ANNALS OF BOTANY, 2012.
Rocco, M., S. Arena, G. Renzone, GS. Scippa, T. Lomaglio, F. Verrillo, and S. A. Marra M, "Proteomic analysis temperature stress-responsive proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana rosette leaves", MOLECULAR BIOSYSTEMS, vol. 9, pp. 1257–1267, 2013.