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Diodato, N., L. Esposito, G. Bellocchi, L. Vernacchia, F. Fiorillo, and F. Maria Guadagno, "Assessment of the spatial uncertainty of nitrates in the aquifers of the Campania plain (Italy)", Am. J. Clim. Chang, vol. 2, pp. 128–137, 2013.
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Diodato, N., J. De Vente, G. Bellocchi, L. Guerriero, M. Soriano, F. Fiorillo, P. Revellino, and F. M. Guadagno, "Estimating long-term sediment export using a seasonal rainfall-dependent hydrological model in the Glonn River basin, Germany", Geomorphology, vol. 228: Elsevier, pp. 628–636, 2015.
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Diodato, N., G. Bellocchi, N. Romano, and F.. M. Guadagno, "Modelling the Rainfall Erosivity of the Rhone Region (Southeastern France) Associated with Climate Variability and Storminess", ADVANCES IN METEOROLOGY, 2016.
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Guerriero, L., N. Diodato, F. Fiorillo, P. Revellino, G. Grelle, and F. Maria Guadagno, "Reconstruction of long-term earth-flow activity using a hydroclimatological model", Natural Hazards, vol. 77, no. 1: Springer, pp. 1–15, 2015.
Cevasco, A., N. Diodato, P. Revellino, F. Fiorillo, G. Grelle, and F. M. Guadagno, "Storminess and geo-hydrological events affecting small coastal basins in a terraced Mediterranean environment", Science of the Total Environment, vol. 532: Elsevier, pp. 208–219, 2015.