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Conference Paper
Tretola, G., and E. Zimeo, "Structure Matching for Enhancing UDDI Query Results", Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Service Oriented Computing and Applications, Los Alamitos, CA, IEEE Computer Society, pp. 21–28, 2007.
Ranaldo, N., S.. Rapuano, M. Riccio, and E. Zimeo, "A Thin-Client Approach for Distance Learning of Measurement Instrumentation", Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Web Based Education, Anaheim - Calgary - Zurich, IASTED, 2005.
Ranaldo, N., and E. Zimeo, "A Time and Cost-based Matching Strategy for Data Parallelizable Tasks of Grid Workflows", Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing (2007), Los Alamitos, CA, IEEE Computer Society, pp. 295–303, 2007.
Bevilacqua, L., A. Furno, S. V di Carlo, and E. Zimeo, "A Tool for Automatic Generation of WS-BPEL Compositions from OWL-S described services", Proceedings of the 5th Software, Knowledge Information, Industrial Management and Applications (SKIMA): IEEE, pp. 1–8, 2011.
Giallonardo, E., C. Sorrentino, and E. Zimeo, "Topic-based Federated Query Engine", Proceedings of the International Conference WWW/Internet, 2018.
Giallonardo, E., C. Sorrentino, and E. Zimeo, "Topic-based Indexing of Federated Datasets", Proceedings of Symposium on Applied Computing, SAC 2019, 2019.
Canfora, G., G. Di Santo, and E. Zimeo, "Toward Seamless Migration of Java AWT-Based Applications to Personal Wireless Devices", 11th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering, WCRE 2004, Delft, The Netherlands, November 8-12, 2004. IEEE Computer Society 2004, ISBN 0-7695-2243-2, pp. 38–47, 2004.
Quirino, Z., F. Angelo, G. Canfora, and E. Zimeo, "Towards Effective Event-Driven SOA in Enterprise Systems", IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Manchester, SMC 2013, United Kingdom, October 13-16, 2013. IEEE 2013, ISBN 978-0-7695-5154-8, pp. 1419–1424, 2013.
Ranaldo, N., and E. Zimeo, "A Transparent Framework for Hierarchical Master-Slave Grid Computing", Euro-Par 2006 Workshops: Parallel Processing, vol. 4375, BERLIN HEIDELBERG, Springer-Verlag, pp. 74–86, 2007.
Furno, A.., N-E. El Faouzi, R. Sharma, and E. Zimeo, "Two-level clustering fast betweenness centrality computation for requirement-driven approximation", IEEE Big Data 2017 proceedings, 2017.
Morante, Q.., A. Vaccaro, D. Villacci, and E. Zimeo, "A web based computational architecture for power system Analysis", Bulk Power System Dynamic and Control IREP Symposium 2004, 2004.
Morante, Q., N. Ranaldo, and E. Zimeo, "Web Services Workflow for Power System Security Assessment", Proceedings of the IEEE Int’l Conference on E-Technology, E-Commerce and E-Services: IEEE Computer Society, pp. 274–380, 2005.
Tretola, G., and E. Zimeo, "Workflow Fine-grained Concurrency with Automatic Continuation", Proceedings of IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium: IEEE Computer Society, 2006.
Journal Article
Tretola, G., and E. Zimeo, "Activity Pre-Scheduling for Run-time Optimization of Grid Workflows", JOURNAL OF SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE, vol. 54, pp. 883–892, 2008.
Cianciulli, D., G. Canfora, and E. Zimeo, "Beacon-based context-aware architecture for crowd sensing public transportation scheduling and user habits", PROCEDIA COMPUTER SCIENCE, vol. 109, pp. 1110–1115, 2017.
Ranaldo, N., and E. Zimeo, "Capacity-driven utility model for service level agreement negotiation of cloud services", FUTURE GENERATION COMPUTER SYSTEMS, vol. 55, pp. 186–199, 2016.
DI SANTO, M., F. Frattolillo, W. RUSSO, and E. Zimeo, "A component-based approach to build a portable and flexible middleware for metacomputing", PARALLEL COMPUTING, vol. 28, pp. 1789–1810, 2002.
Furno, A., and E. Zimeo, "Context-aware composition of Semantic Web Services", MOBILE NETWORKS AND APPLICATIONS, vol. 19, pp. 235–248, 2014.
Zimeo, E., A. Troisi, H. Papadakis, P. Fragopoulou, A. Foresterio, and C. Mastroianni, "COOPERATIVE SELF-COMPOSITION AND DISCOVERY OF GRID SERVICES IN P2P NETWORKS", PARALLEL PROCESSING LETTERS, vol. 18, pp. 329–386, 2008.
Oliva, G., F. Baldi, A. Caracciolo, and E. Zimeo, "Designing a Scalable Social eCommerce Application", SCALABLE COMPUTING. PRACTICE AND EXPERIENCE, vol. 14, pp. 131–141, 2013.
Canfora, G., G. DI SANTO, and E. Zimeo, "Developing Java-AWT Thin-Client Applications for Limited Devices", IEEE INTERNET COMPUTING, vol. 9, pp. 55–63, 2005.
DI SANTO, M., A. Vaccaro, D. Villacci, and E. Zimeo, "A Distributed Architecture for on-line Power Systems Security Analysis", IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS, vol. 51, pp. 1238–1248, 2004.
DI SANTO, M., F. Frattolillo, W. RUSSO, and E. Zimeo, "Dynamic load balancing for object-based parallel computations", INFORMATICA, vol. 22(2), pp. 219–230, 1998.
Zagarese, Q., G. Canfora, E. Zimeo, I. Alshabani, L. Pellegrino, A. Alshabani, and F. Baude, "Improving Data-Intensive EDA Performance with Annotation-driven Laziness", SCIENCE OF COMPUTER PROGRAMMING, vol. 97, pp. 266–279, 2015.