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Ercole, C.., R.. A. Colamarino, E.. Pizzo, F.. Fogolari, R.. Spadaccini, and D.. Picone, "Comparison of the structural and functional properties of RNase A and BS-RNase: a stepwise mutagenesis approach", BiopolymersBiopolymers, 2009/03/06, vol. 91, no. 12, pp. 1009-17, Dec, 2009.
Rega, M.. F., R.. Di Monaco, S.. Leone, F.. Donnarumma, R.. Spadaccini, S.. Cavella, and D.. Picone, "Design of sweet protein based sweeteners: hints from structure-function relationships", Food ChemFood Chem, 2014/12/04, vol. 173, pp. 1179-86, Apr 15, 2015.
Gotte, G.., M. A. Helmy, C.. Ercole, R.. Spadaccini, D.. V. Laurents, M.. Donadelli, and D.. Picone, "Double domain swapping in bovine seminal RNase: formation of distinct N- and C-swapped tetramers and multimers with increasing biological activities", PLoS OnePLoS One, 2012/10/17, vol. 7, no. 10, pp. e46804, 2012.
D'Errico, G.., C.. Ercole, M.. Lista, E.. Pizzo, A.. Falanga, S.. Galdiero, R.. Spadaccini, and D.. Picone, "Enforcing the positive charge of N-termini enhances membrane interaction and antitumor activity of bovine seminal ribonuclease", Biochim Biophys ActaBiochim Biophys Acta, 2011/08/23, vol. 1808, no. 12, pp. 3007-15, Dec, 2011.
Longobardi, S.., D.. Picone, C.. Ercole, R.. Spadaccini, L.. De Stefano, I.. Rea, and P.. Giardina, "Environmental conditions modulate the switch among different states of the hydrophobin Vmh2 from Pleurotus ostreatus", BiomacromoleculesBiomacromolecules, 2012/02/02, vol. 13, no. 3, pp. 743-50, Mar 12, 2012.
Spadaccini, R.., S.. Leone, M.. F. Rega, C.. Richter, and D.. Picone, "Influence of pH on the structure and stability of the sweet protein MNEI", FEBS LettFEBS Lett, 2016/10/25, vol. 590, no. 20, pp. 3681-3689, Oct, 2016.
Spadaccini, R.., C.. Ercole, G.. Graziano, R.. Wechselberger, R.. Boelens, and D.. Picone, "Mechanism of 3D domain swapping in bovine seminal ribonuclease", FEBS JFEBS J, 2014/03/13, vol. 281, no. 3, pp. 842-50, Feb, 2014.
Spadaccini, R.., F.. Trabucco, G.. Saviano, D.. Picone, O.. Crescenzi, T.. Tancredi, and P.. A. Temussi, "The mechanism of interaction of sweet proteins with the T1R2-T1R3 receptor: evidence from the solution structure of G16A-MNEI", J Mol BiolJ Mol Biol, 2003/04/23, vol. 328, no. 3, pp. 683-92, May 2, 2003.
Ercole, C.., R.. Spadaccini, C.. Alfano, T.. Tancredi, and D.. Picone, "A new mutant of bovine seminal ribonuclease with a reversed swapping propensity", BiochemistryBiochemistry, 2007/02/03, vol. 46, no. 8, pp. 2227-32, Feb 27, 2007.
Spadaccini, R.., C.. Ercole, M.. A. Gentile, D.. Sanfelice, R.. Boelens, R.. Wechselberger, G.. Batta, A.. Bernini, N.. Niccolai, and D.. Picone, "NMR studies on structure and dynamics of the monomeric derivative of BS-RNase: new insights for 3D domain swapping", PLoS OnePLoS One, 2012/01/19, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. e29076, 2012.
Emendato, A.., R.. Spadaccini, A.. De Santis, R.. Guerrini, G.. D'Errico, and D.. Picone, "Preferential interaction of the Alzheimer peptide Abeta-(1-42) with Omega-3-containing lipid bilayers: structure and interaction studies", FEBS LettFEBS Lett, 2016/01/30, vol. 590, no. 4, pp. 582-91, Feb, 2016.
Salvadori, S.., D.. Picone, T.. Tancredi, R.. Guerrini, R.. Spadaccini, L.. H. Lazarus, D.. Regoli, and P.. A. Temussi, "Solution conformation of nociceptin", Biochem Biophys Res CommunBiochem Biophys Res Commun, 1997/04/28, vol. 233, no. 3, pp. 640-3, Apr 28, 1997.
Spadaccini, R.., O.. Crescenzi, D.. Picone, T.. Tancredi, and P.. A. Temussi, "Solution structure of dynorphin A (1-17): a NMR study in a cryoprotective solvent mixture at 278 K", J Pept SciJ Pept Sci, 1999/08/12, vol. 5, no. 7, pp. 306-12, Jul, 1999.
Amodeo, P.., R.. Guerrini, D.. Picone, S.. Salvadori, R.. Spadaccini, T.. Tancredi, and P.. A. Temussi, "Solution structure of nociceptin peptides", J Pept SciJ Pept Sci, 2002/10/10, vol. 8, no. 9, pp. 497-509, Sep, 2002.
Gotte, G.., D.. V. Laurents, A.. Merlino, D.. Picone, and R.. Spadaccini, "Structural and functional relationships of natural and artificial dimeric bovine ribonucleases: new scaffolds for potential antitumor drugs", FEBS LettFEBS Lett, 2013/10/12, vol. 587, no. 22, pp. 3601-8, Nov 15, 2013.
Spadaccini, R.., G.. D'Errico, V.. D'Alessio, E.. Notomista, A.. Bianchi, M.. Merola, and D.. Picone, "Structural characterization of the transmembrane proximal region of the hepatitis C virus E1 glycoprotein", Biochim Biophys ActaBiochim Biophys Acta, 2009/11/07, vol. 1798, no. 3, pp. 344-53, Mar, 2010.
Tuppo, L.., R.. Spadaccini, C.. Alessandri, H.. Wienk, R.. Boelens, I.. Giangrieco, M.. Tamburrini, A.. Mari, D.. Picone, and M.. A. Ciardiello, "Structure, stability, and IgE binding of the peach allergen Peamaclein (Pru p 7)", BiopolymersBiopolymers, 2014/08/19, vol. 102, no. 5, pp. 416-25, Sep, 2014.
Giancola, C.., C.. Ercole, I.. Fotticchia, R.. Spadaccini, E.. Pizzo, G.. D'Alessio, and D.. Picone, "Structure-cytotoxicity relationships in bovine seminal ribonuclease: new insights from heat and chemical denaturation studies on variants", FEBS JFEBS J, 2010/12/03, vol. 278, no. 1, pp. 111-22, Jan, 2011.
Avitabile, F.., C.. Alfano, R.. Spadaccini, O.. Crescenzi, A.. M. D'Ursi, G.. D'Alessio, T.. Tancredi, and D.. Picone, "The swapping of terminal arms in ribonucleases: comparison of the solution structure of monomeric bovine seminal and pancreatic ribonucleases", BiochemistryBiochemistry, 2003/07/23, vol. 42, no. 29, pp. 8704-11, Jul 29, 2003.