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Book Chapter
ZULLO, A., A. Casamassimi, F. Mancini, and C. NAPOLI, "Cardiovascular Disease and Transgenerational Epigenetic Effects", Trangenerational Epigenetics. Evidence and debates, AMSTERDAM, Elsevier Science BV, 2014.
Journal Article
Sommese, L., A. ZULLO, F. Mancini, R. FABBRICINI, A. SORICELLI, and C. NAPOLI, "Clinical relevance of epigenetics in the onset and management of type 2 diabetes mellitus", EPIGENETICS, pp. 1–15, 2017.
Picascia, A., V. GRIMALDI, A. ZULLO, T. INFANTE, C. Maiello, V. CRUDELE, M. SESSA, F. Mancini, and C. NAPOLI, "Current Concepts in Histocompatibility During Heart Transplant", EXPERIMENTAL AND CLINICAL TRANSPLANTATION, vol. 3, pp. 209–218, 2012.
ZULLO, A., L. Sommese, G. NICOLETTI, F. DONATELLI, F. Mancini, and C. NAPOLI, "Epigenetics and type 1 diabetes: mechanisms and translational applications", TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH, 2017.
GRIMALDI, V., , A. ZULLO, A. SORICELLI, T. INFANTE, F. Mancini, and C. NAPOLI, "Evidence of epigenetic tags in cardiac fibrosis", JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY, vol. 69, pp. 401–408, 2017.
GRIMALDI, V., C. Schiano, A. Casamassimi, A. ZULLO, A. SORICELLI, F. Mancini, and C. NAPOLI, "Imaging techniques to evaluate cell therapy in peripheral artery disease: state of the art and clinical trials", CLINICAL PHYSIOLOGY AND FUNCTIONAL IMAGING, 2014.
Salvatore, P., A. ZULLO, L. Sommese, R. Colicchio, A. Picascia, C. Schiano, F. Mancini, and C. NAPOLI, "Infections and cardiovascular disease: is Bartonella henselae contributing to this matter?", JOURNAL OF MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY, vol. 64, pp. 799–809, 2015.
ZULLO, A., F. Mancini, R. SCLEIP, S. WEARING, L. YAHIA, and W. KLINGER, "The interplay between fascia, skeletal muscle, nerves, adipose tissue, inflammation and mechanical stress in musculo-fascial regeneration", JOURNAL OF GERONTOLOGY AND GERIATRICS, vol. 65, pp. 271–283, 2017.
VITIELLO, M., A. ZULLO, L. SERVILLO, F. Mancini, A. BORRIELLO, A. GIOVANE, DELLA. F RAGIONE, N. D'ONOFRIO, and ML. BALESTRIERI, "Multiple pathways of SIRT6 at the crossroads in the control of longevity, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases", AGEING RESEARCH REVIEWS, vol. 35, pp. 301–311, 2017.
DE NIGRIS, F., F. Mancini, C. Schiano, T. INFANTE, A. ZULLO, PB. MINUCCI, M. AL-OMRAN, A. GIORDANO, and C. NAPOLI, "Osteosarcoma cells induce endothelial cell proliferation during neo-angiogenesis", JOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY, vol. 228, pp. 846–852, 2013.
Sommese, L., A. ZULLO, C. Schiano, F. Mancini, and C. NAPOLI, "Possible Muscle Repair in the Human Cardiovascular System", STEM CELL REVIEWS, vol. 13, pp. 170–191, 2017.
GRIMALDI, V., F. Mancini, A. Casamassimi, M. AL-OMRAN, A. ZULLO, T. INFANTE, and C.. NAPOLI, "Potential benefits of cell therapy in coronary heart disease", JOURNAL OF CARDIOLOGY, vol. 62, pp. 267–276, 2013.
NAPOLI, C., A. ZULLO, A. Picascia, T. INFANTE, and F. Mancini, "Recent advances in proteomic technologies applied to cardiovascular disease", JOURNAL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY, vol. 114, pp. 7–20, 2013.