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Conference Paper
Di Lucca, G.A.., M. Di Penta, G.. Antoniol, and G.. Casazza, "An approach for reverse engineering of web-based applications", Reverse Engineering - Working Conference Proceedings, 2001.
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Cicchella, D., B. DE VIVO, A. LIMA, and S.. Albanese, "Application of spectral analysis (S-A) to discriminate heavy metals background and baseline values in volcanic soils of metropolitan and provincial areas of Napoli (Italy)", Proceedings of 32nd International Geological Congress, 2004.
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Santone, A., V. Intilangelo, and D. Raucci, "Application of Equivalence Checking in a Loan Origination Process in Banking Industry", Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises (WETICE): IEEE, pp. 292-297, 2013.
, "An application of Bayesian networks in predicting form entries", 2009 World Congress on Nature and Biologically Inspired Computing, NABIC 2009 - Proceedings, pp. 427-432, 2009.