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Journal Article
Diodato, N., L. Guerriero, F. Fiorillo, L. Esposito, P. Revellino, G. Grelle, and F.. M. Guadagno, "Predicting monthly spring discharge using a simple statistical model", WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT, vol. 28, 2014.
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Del Prete, M.., F.. M. Guadagno, and A.. B. HAWKINS, "Preliminary report on the landslides of May 1998, Campania, southern Italy", BULLETIN OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT, vol. 57(2), pp. 113–129, 1998.
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, "The Preliminary Ruling Procedures at International Regional Courts and Tribunals", THE LAW AND PRACTICE OF INTERNATIONAL COURTS AND TRIBUNALS, vol. 10, pp. 283-313, 2011.
, R. Sciarrillo, VALIANTE. SALVATORE, SELLITTI. ANNA, VALENTINO. BARTOLOMEO, GAY. FLAMINIA, ANNA. CAPALDO, and , "A Preliminary Study of Cadmium Effects on the Adrenal Gland of the Lizard Podarcis sicula", THE OPEN ZOOLOGY JOURNAL, vol. 3, pp. 23–29, 2010.