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ALBANESE, S., A. LIMA, D. Cicchella, D. Civitillo, A. Cosenza, and B. DE VIVO, "THE GIS-AIDED COLOUR COMPOSITE MAPS OF THE NAPLES METROPOLITAN AREA (ITALY)", Proceedings of 7th EUREGEO - EUropean congress on REgional GEOscientific cartography and Information systems, Bologna, Italy, 2012, vol. 2: Emilia-Romagna Region - Geological Seismic and soil Survey, pp. 682–683, 2012.
Dinelli, E., A. LIMA, S. ALBANESE, M. Birke, D. Cicchella, L. Giaccio, P. Valera, and B. DE VIVO, "Major and trace elements in tap water from Italy", JOURNAL OF GEOCHEMICAL EXPLORATION, vol. 112, pp. 54–75, 2012.
Batista, MJ., J. LOCUTURA, D. Cicchella, B. DE VIVO, A. LIMA, A. Demetriades, and C. Reimann, "Tin concentrations in European soils", 9th ISEG, 2012.
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Valera, P., P. Zavattari, S. ALBANESE, D. Cicchella, E. Dinelli, A. LIMA, and B. DE VIVO, "A correlation study between multiple sclerosis and type 1 diabetes incidences and geochemical data in Europe", ENVIRONMENTAL GEOCHEMISTRY AND HEALTH, vol. 36, pp. 79–98, 2014.
Demetriades, A., C. Reimann, M. Birke, A. Mann, P. Eilu, B. DE VIVO, D. Cicchella, M. Kaminari, and K. Rothenbacher, "GEMAS: Geochemical distribution of precious metals in European soil", EGU 2014 - Geophysical Research Abstracts, 2014.
Dinelli, E., M. Birke, C. Reimann, A. Demetriades, B. DE VIVO, D. FLIGHT, A. Ladenberger, S. ALBANESE, D. Cicchella, and A. LIMA, "GEMAS: ISSUES FROM THE COMPARISON OF AQUA REGIA AND X-RAY FLUORESCENCE RESULTS", EGU 2014 - Geophysical Research Abstracts, vol. 16, 2014.
DE VIVO, B., D. Cicchella, S. ALBANESE, E. Dinelli, L. Giaccio, A. LIMA, and P. Valera, "THE GEOCHEMICAL ATLAS OF ITALIAN SOILS", EGU 2014 - Geophysical Research Abstracts, vol. 16, 2014.
Scheib, AJ., M. Birke, E. Dinelli, S. ALBANESE, M. Andersson, R. Baritz, MJ. Batista, A. Bel-Lan, D. Cicchella, A. Demetriades, et al., "Geochemical evidence of aeolian deposits in European soils", BOREAS, vol. 43, pp. 175–192, 2014.
Cicchella, D., S. ALBANESE, M. Birke, B. DE VIVO, W. DE VOS, E. Dinelli, A. LIMA, PJ. O'Connor, I. SALPETEUR, and T. TARVAINEN, "Natural radioactive elements U, Th and K in European soil", Chemistry of Europe's agricultural soils – Part B: General background information and further analysis of the GEMAS data set, HANNOVER, Geologisches Jahrbuch I, pp. 145–159, 2014.
ALBANESE, S., M. Sadeghi, B. DE VIVO, A. LIMA, D. Cicchella, and E. Dinelli, "Nickel, Cobalt, Chromium and Copper in agricultural and grazing land soils of Europe", EGU 2014-Geophysical Research Abstracts, vol. 16, 2014.
DE VIVO, B., D. Cicchella, S. ALBANESE, M. Birke, A. Demetriades, W. DE VOS, E. Dinelli, A. LIMA, O’. Connor P. J, I. SALPETEUR, et al., "URANIUM, THORIUM AND POTASSIUM CONCENTRATIONS IN AGRICULTURAL AND GRAZING LAND SOILS OF EUROPE", EGU 2014 - Geophysical Research Abstracts, vol. 16, 2014.