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Riviezzo, A., A. GAROFANO, and M.. R. Napolitano, "Market orientation: how to assess it? An empirical investigation within Italian medium-sized firms", Conference Proceedings “15th International Marketing Trends Conference”, Venezia, 21-23 Gennaio, 2016.
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Ascione, F., R. F. De Masi, F.. De Rossi, S. RUGGIERO, and G. P. Vanoli, "MATRIX, a multi activity testroom for evaluating the energy performances of 'building/HVAC' systems in Mediterranean climate: Experimental setup and CFD/BPS numerical modeling", ENERGY AND BUILDINGS, vol. 126, pp. 424–446, 2016.
Ascione, F.., R.F.. De Masi, F.. DE ROSSI, S.. Ruggiero, and G.P.. Vanoli, "MATRIX, a multi activity test-room for evaluating the energy performances of 'building/HVAC' systems in Mediterranean climate: Experimental set-up and CFD/BPS numerical modeling", Energy and Buildings, vol. 126, pp. 424-446, 2016.
GUIDA, N., G. LAUDATI, L. MASCOLO, O. CUOMO, S. Anzilotti, R. SIRABELLA, M. Santopaolo, M. Galgani, P. Montuori, G. DI RENZO, et al., "MC1568 inhibits thimerosal-induced apoptotic ell death by preventing HDAC4 up-regulation in neuronal cells and in rat prefrontal cortex", TOXICOLOGICAL SCIENCES, 2016.
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, "A method to generate equiprobale runs in TFPG models", ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, vol. 14-16-June-2016, 2016.
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, "mitochondrial action of thyroid hormones", comprhensive physiology, 2016.
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Raucci, D., V. Nardone, and A. Santone, "Model Checking to support Action Controls in the Purchasing Process", 25th {IEEE} International Conference on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises, {WETICE} Workshops 2016, Paris, June 13-15, 2016.