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Book Chapter
TOMOSOVICH, K., A. Dimitrovski, A. Vaccaro, and D. VILLACCI, "Reliable algorithms for power system analysis in the presence of data uncertainties", “Innovations in Power Systems Reliability”: Springer-Verlag, 2009.
Conference Paper
PAGANO, M.., A. Vaccaro, and D. VILLACCI, Caratterizzazione sperimentale di unità di comunicazione satellitare per sistemi WAMS-Wide Area Monitoring Systems, , 2006.
DI BISCEGLIE, M., C. GALDI, A. VACCARO, and D. VILLACCI, "Cooperative sensor networks for voltage quality monitoring in smart grids", PowerTech, 2009 IEEE Bucharest, Piscataway, NJ (USA), IEEE Powertech, 2009.
Carlini, EM., GM. Giannuzzi, P. Mercogliano, P. Schiano, A. Vaccaro, and D. VILLACCI, "Decentralized and Proactive Architecture based on the Cyber Physical System Paradigm for Smart Transmission Grids: Modelling, Monitoring and Control", Technology and Economics of Smart Grids and Sustainable Energy, vol. 1: Springer, pp. 1–15, 2016.
Vaccaro, A., and D. VILLACCI, "A Decision Support System for Optimal Energy Sourcing in Liberalised Energy Markets.", International Electricity Conference & Exhibition on Electricity Distribution CIRED 2009 -Innovation in Electricity Distribution for a Sustainable Future, s.l, CIRED, 2009.
GAGLIARDI, F.., A. Vaccaro, and D. VILLACCI, Il ruolo dei sistemi satellitari nella gestione della sicurezza delle infrastrutture elettriche, , 2003.
Villacci, D., S. Ullo, and A. Vaccaro, "Integration of Satellite technologies and Learning techniques for Wide Area power lines thermal Protection", 19th International Conference on Electricity Distribution, 2007.
CUOMO, V., A. Amodeo, P. Antonelli, A. Boselli, A. Bozzo, C. Cornacchia, G. D'Amico, M. DI BISCEGLIE, F. Esposito, P. DI GIROLAMO, et al., "The Italian phase of the EAQUATE measurement compaign.", Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering; Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere X, vol. 5979, Piscataway (NJ), IEEE, 2005.
Carlini, EM., A. Ianniciello, C. Pisani, A. Vaccaro, and D. VILLACCI, "”An optimised methodology to predict tthe Wind Farms production”", proc. of the 5th International Conference on Clean Electrical Power, 2015.
Vaccaro, A., C. C. A, and D. VILLACCI, "A simple and reliable algorithm for computing boundaries of power flow solutions due to system uncertainties.", 2009 IEEE Bucharest PowerTech: Innovative Ideas Toward the Electrical Grid of the Future., Bucharest, IEEE Power Tech, pp. 210–215, 2009.
D'Alessio, G.., F.. GAGLIARDI, A. Vaccaro, and D. VILLACCI, Sistemi di controllo avanzati e la qualità dell'energia, , 2001.
Galdi, V.., L.. IPPOLITO, A.. PICCOLO, and D. VILLACCI, Study oEMC problems on programmable logic controllers, , 1999.
Galdi, V., L. Ippolito, A. PICCOLO, and D. VILLACCI, "Study of EMC Problems on Programmable Logic Controllers", (EMC'96) International Symposium on EIectromagnetic Compatibility September 17-20, 1996, Rome., ROME, ITALY, EMC, 1996.
GAGLIARDI, F.., L.. IPPOLITO, V.. Galdi, and D. VILLACCI, Sul controllo del sistema trasformatori-cavi mediante reti neuronali”, , 1997.
CAVAZZANA, B.., E.. DAL PANE, F.. GAGLIARDI, A. Vaccaro, and D. VILLACCI, Tecnologie dell'IA per la valutazione dell'impatto ambientale di impianti eolici per la produzione di energia elettrica, , 2001.
Morante, Q.., A. Vaccaro, D. Villacci, and E. Zimeo, "A web based computational architecture for power system Analysis", Bulk Power System Dynamic and Control IREP Symposium 2004, 2004.
Journal Article
Vaccaro, A., A. CANIZARES, and D. VILLACCI, "An Affine Arithmetic based Methodology for Reliable Power Flow Analysis in the presence of Data Uncertainty", IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER SYSTEMS, vol. 25, pp. 624–632, 2010.
BONTEMPI, G.., A. Vaccaro, and D. VILLACCI, "Data–driven calibration of power conductors thermal model for overhead lines overload protection", INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF RELIABILITY AND SAFETY, vol. 2, pp. 5–18, 2008.
DI SANTO, M., A. Vaccaro, D. Villacci, and E. Zimeo, "A Distributed Architecture for on-line Power Systems Security Analysis", IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS, vol. 51, pp. 1238–1248, 2004.
PICCOLO, A., A. Vaccaro, and D. VILLACCI, "Fuzzy logic based optimal power flow management in Hybrid Electric Vehicles", IRANIAN JOURNAL OF ELECTRICAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING, vol. 4, pp. 83–93, 2005.
Vaccaro, A., M. Popov, D. VILLACCI, and V. Terzija, "An Integrated Framework for Smart Microgrids Modeling, Monitoring, Control, Communication, and Verification", PROCEEDINGS OF THE IEEE, vol. 99, pp. 119–132, 2010.
De Caro, F., A. Vaccaro, and D. Villacci, Spatial and Temporal Wind Power Forecasting by Cased-based Reasoning on Big Data., , 2017.
Coletta, G., A. Vaccaro, D. Villacci, and A. F. Zobaa, "* University of Sannio, Benevento, Italy,† Brunel University, Uxbridge, United Kingdom", Application of Smart Grid Technologies: Case Studies in Saving Electricity in Different Parts of the World: Academic Press, pp. 397, 2018.