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Conference Paper
Visaggio, C. Aaron, and F. de Rosa, "Managing Security Knowledge through Case based Reasoning", Security in Information Systems, Proceedings of the 7th International Workshop on Security in Information Systems, {WOSIS} 2009, In conjunction with {ICEIS} 2009, Milan, Italy, May 2009, pp. 127–136, 2009.
Magliulo, P., and A.. VALENTE, "Mapping direct and indirect fluvial hazard in the Middle Calore River valley (southern Italy)", International Conference “Analysis and Management of Changing Risks for Natural Hazards”, Abstract Volume. Padua, Italy, 18‐19 November 2014., 2014.
Cicchella, D., S.. Albanese, M.. Birke, B.. De Vivo, E.. Dinelli, A.. Lima, C.. Reimann, and P.. Valera, "Mapping Geochemical Patterns Distribution at Large Scale Using Composite Samples to Reduce the Analytical Costs", Atti de “I Giornata della Geochimica Ambientale”, 2010.
Russo, L.., and E.. Mancusi, "Mapping resonance regions in loop networks with spatio-temporal symmetry", AIP Conference Proceedings, vol. 1648, 2015.
Bavota, G.., A.. Ciemniewska, I.. Chulani, A.. De Nigro, M. Di Penta, D.. Galletti, R.. Galoppini, T.F.. Gordon, P.. Kedziora, I.. Lener, et al., "The market for open source: An intelligent virtual open source marketplace", 2014 Software Evolution Week - IEEE Conference on Software Maintenance, Reengineering, and Reverse Engineering, CSMR-WCRE 2014 - Proceedings, 2014.
Migliaccio, M., F. ADDEO, and F. RIVETTI, "Market Knowledge Exploration. Initial Empirical Evidence on Hotel Chains", Intellectual Capital in a Complex Business Landscape, 2010.
Riviezzo, A., A. GAROFANO, and M.. R. Napolitano, "Market orientation: how to assess it? An empirical investigation within Italian medium-sized firms", Conference Proceedings “15th International Marketing Trends Conference”, Venezia, 21-23 Gennaio, 2016.
, "The marketplace of user interface real estate", 2009 31st International Conference on Software Engineering - Companion Volume, ICSE 2009, pp. 335-338, 2009.
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Tipaldi, M.., and L.. Glielmo, "A Markovian based approach for autonomous space systems", 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Metrology for Aerospace, MetroAeroSpace 2015 - Proceedings, pp. 426-430, 2015.
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Villacci, D.., and A. Vaccaro, "A MATLAB based simulation tool for dynamic modelling and performances evaluation of Hybrid Electric Vehicles", 18th International Electric Vehicles Symposium EV, 2001.
Glielmo, L.., and M.. Kogan, "Matrix and frequency-domain inequalities for all guaranteed cost controllers of uncertain linear systems with unmatched uncertainties", European Control Conference, ECC 1999 - Conference Proceedings, pp. 43-48, 2015.
Mercurio, M., D. Bish, P. Cappelletti, B. DE GENNARO, C. Grifa, V. Mercurio, V. Morra, and A. Langella, "May the joint use of natural zeolites and steamed smectites be envisaged in oenological refining process?", Zeolite 2014, 2014.
Moran, K., M. Tufano, C. Bernal-Cárdenas, M. Linares Vásquez, G. Bavota, C. Vendome, M. Di Penta, and D. Poshyvanyk, "MDroid+: a mutation testing framework for android", Proceedings of the 40th International Conference on Software Engineering: Companion Proceeedings, {ICSE} 2018, Gothenburg, Sweden, May 27 - June 03, 2018, pp. 33–36, 2018.
, "A mean-reverting strategy based on fuzzy transform residuals", 2012 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence for Financial Engineering and Economics, CIFEr 2012 - Proceedings, pp. 11-17, 2012.
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A, F., G. A, and LAMONACA. F., "Measurement Information Processing in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging", Proc. of MeMeA 2011– IEEE International Workshop on Medical Measurements and Applications, pp. 423–427, 30-31 May,, 2011.
Arpaia, P., L. De Vito, S.. Rapuano, and G. Truglia, "A Measurement Instrument For Fault Diagnosis In QAM-Based Telecommunications", Proc. of 12th IMEKO TC4 International Symposium, pp. 127–131, Sept., 2002.
Lamonaca, F.., D.L.. Carnì, M.. Vasile, A.. Vitale, D.. Grimaldi, and A.. Nastro, "Measurement methods to be included in UNI-EN guidelines to characterize waste bricks", I2MTC 2017 - 2017 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, Proceedings: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2017.
Daponte, P., L. De Vito, F. Lamonaca, F. Picariello, S. Rapuano, and M. Ricco, "Measurement Science and Education in the Drone Times", Proc. of 2017 Int. Instrum. and Meas. Tech. Conf., pp. 1852–1857, May, 2017.
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