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Parrillo, L.., E.. Coccia, M.. G. Volpe, F.. Siano, C.. Pagliarulo, E.. Scioscia, E. Varricchio, O.. Safari, T.. Eroldogan, and M. Paolucci, "Olive mill wastewater-enriched diet positively affects growth, oxidative and immune status and intestinal microbiota in the crayfish, Astacus leptodactylus", AQUACULTURE, vol. 473, pp. 161–168, 2017.
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Gatta, C., F. Russo, M. Russolillo, E. Varricchio, M. Paolucci, L. Castaldo, C. Lucini, P. DE GIROLAMO, B. Cozzi, and L.. Maruccio, "The Orexin System in the Enteric Nervous System of the Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus).", PLOS ONE, vol. 9, 2014.
D'Angelo, L., L. Castaldo, P. DE GIROLAMO, C. Lucini, M. Paolucci, A. Pelagalli, E. Varricchio, and N.. Arcamone, "Orexins and receptor OX2R in the gastroenteric apparatus of two teleostean species: Dicentrarchus labrax and Carassius auratus.", THE ANATOMICAL RECORD, vol. 299, pp. 1121–1129, 2016.
Mirabella, N., G. Germano, E. Varricchio, and G. Paino, "Origin, projections and chemical coding of NOS-containing neurons in the ureter of the duck", POLISH JOURNAL OF VETERINARY SCIENCES, vol. 3, 2000.
Imperatore, R.., L.. D'Angelo, O.. Safari, H.. A. Motlagh, F.. Piscitelli, P.. De Girolamo, L.. Cristino, E.. Varricchio, V.. Di Marzo, and M.. Paolucci, "Overlapping Distribution of Orexin and Endocannabinoid Receptors and Their Functional Interaction in the Brain of Adult Zebrafish", Frontiers in NeuroanatomyFrontiers in NeuroanatomyFrontiers in Neuroanatomy, vol. 12, Jul 30, 2018.
Volpe, MG., M. Malinconico, E. Varricchio, and M. Paolucci, "Polysaccharides as biopolymers for food shelf-life extention: recent patents", RECENT PATENTS ON FOOD, NUTRITION & AGRICULTURE, vol. 2, pp. 129–139, 2010.
Velotto, S., E. Varricchio, C. Vitale, and A. Crasto, "Post mortem Analysis of three muscles of red neck ostrich (Struthio camelus masaicus)", ISRAEL JOURNAL OF VETERINARY MEDICINE, vol. 65, pp. 142–150, 2010.
Manna, L., E. Picillo, G. Esposito, M. Rendina, G. Campanile, E. Varricchio, AE. Gravino, L. Zicarelli, and G. Neglia, "Preliminary results on ghrelin mRNA quantification in buffalo calves during fasting and refeeding by real-time reverse transcription PCR assay", ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, vol. 6, pp. 800–803, 2007.
Russo, F., A. De Gregorio, M.. G. RUSSOLILLO, F. CIMINO, and E. Varricchio, "Presence of orexins and orexin 1 receptor in bovine and pig testis", ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE, 2011.
ROPERTO, F.., C.. MINGOZZI, E. Varricchio, G.. DI GUARDO, and F.. BRUNO, "Primary cilium expression in cells from normal and pathological caprine skin", JOURNAL OF SUBMICROSCOPIC CYTOLOGY AND PATHOLOGY, vol. 31, pp. 169–171, 1999.
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ROPERTO, F., M. Langella, E. Varricchio, B. RESTUCCI, G. Oliva, and R. DALLAI, "Some ultrastructural and freeze-fracture aspects of trachea cilia in apparently healthy sheep and goats.", ITALIAN JOURNAL OF ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY, vol. 102, pp. 168–168, 1997.
Varricchio, E., M. Langella, V. MAHARAJAN, and G. Paino, "Structure and function of the mammalian epididymis", ACTA MEDICA VETERINARIA, vol. 42, pp. 221–234, 1996.
SCALA, G., P. DE GIROLAMO, and E. Varricchio, "Su alcune caratteristiche morfostrutturali dell'organo olfattorio della trota", ACTA MEDICA VETERINARIA, vol. 42, pp. 7–13, 1996.
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NAPOLI, C.., S.. WILLIAMS-IGNARRO, R.. Byrns, M.. L. Balestrieri, E.. Crimi, B.. FARZATI, F.. Mancini, F.. DE NIGRIS, A.. MATARAZZO, M.. D'Amora, et al., "Therapeutic targeting of the stem cell niche in experimental hindlimb ischemia", NATURE CLINICAL PRACTICE CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE, vol. 5, pp. 571–579, 2008.
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ROPERTO, F.., M.. LANGELLA, G.. Oliva, B.. RESTUCCI, E. Varricchio, and E.. DALLAI, "Ultrastructural and freeze fracture cilia morphology of trachea epithelium in apparently healthy small ruminants", JOURNAL OF SUBMICROSCOPIC CYTOLOGY AND PATHOLOGY, vol. 30, pp. 65–69, 1998.