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Canfora, G., A. Pirozzi, and C. Aaron Visaggio, "s2ipt: A Lightweight Network Intrusion Detection/Prevention System based on IPtables", Proceedings of the 14th International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications (ICETE 2017), vol. 4, pp. 462–467, 2017.
Canfora, G., F. Mercaldo, A. Pirozzi, and C. Aaron Visaggio, "How I Met Your Mother? - An Empirical Study about Android Malware Phylogenesis", Proceedings of the 13th International Joint Conference on e-Businessand Telecommunications (ICETE 2016) - Volume 4: SECRYPT, Lisbon,Portugal, July 26-28, 2016.: SciTePress, pp. 310–317, 2016.