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Grifa, C., A. DE BONIS, A. Langella, M. Mercurio, G. Soricelli, and V. Morra, "A Late Roman ceramic production from Pompeii", JOURNAL OF ARCHAEOLOGICAL SCIENCE, vol. 40, pp. 810–826, 2013.
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DE BONIS, A., C. Grifa, C. Cultrone, P. De Vita, A. Langella, and V. Morra, "Raw Materials for Archaeological Pottery from the Campania Region of Italy: A Petrophysical Characterization", GEOARCHAEOLOGY, vol. 28, pp. 478–503, 2013.
Grifa, C., A. DE BONIS, V. Guarino, A. Langella, V. Morra, M. Mercurio, C. Germinario, L. Cavassa, M. Priscilla, and P. Caputo, "A review of archaeometric data on cooking ware in Cuma (Campi Flegrei, Italy) from archaic to medieval ages", Abstract book, 2013.
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Markovic, M., A. Dakovic, G. Rottinghaus, M. Mercurio, P. Cappelletti, L. Catalanotti, A. Langella, M. Kragovic, and B. DE GENNARO, "Aflatoxin B1 adsorption by phillipsite- and chabazite-rich tuffs", Zeolite 2014, 2014.
DE BONIS, A., G. Cultrone, .. Grifa, A. Langella, and V. Morra, "Clays from the Bay of Naples (Italy): New insight on ancient and traditional ceramics", JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, vol. 34, pp. 3229–3244, 2014.
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Cavassa, L., P. Munzi, J. Brun, C. Germinario, C. Grifa, M. Mercurio, A. Langella, and V. Morra, "Cumes. Le matériel tardo-antique découvert dans un puits: entre données typologiques et analyses archéométriques", BOOK OF ABSTRACT, 2014.
Mercurio, M., E. Grilli, P. Odierna, M. Morra, T. Prohaska, E. Coppola, C. Grifa, A. Buondonno, and A. Langella, "A ‘Geo-Pedo-Fingerprint’ (GPF) as a tracer to detect univocal parent material-to-wine production chain in high quality vineyard districts, Campi Flegrei (Southern Italy)", GEODERMA, vol. 230-231, pp. 64–78, 2014.
DI BENEDETTO, C., P. Cappelletti, A. Colella, A. Langella, M. Favaro, G. Luca, and D. Calcaterra, "La conservazione delle pietre in ambiente costiero: il caso del Tufo Giallo Napoletano", ARKOS, pp. 43–49, 2014.
PAPA, L., A. Colella, P. Cappelletti, M. Mercurio, C. DI BENEDETTO, A. Langella, and D. Calcaterra, "LA CONSERVAZIONE DELLE PIETRE IN AMBIENTE MARINO: IL CASO DELL'IGNIMBRITE CAMPANA", ARKOS, vol. 5-6, pp. 51–59, 2014.
Martucci, C., G. De Simone, C. Germinario, C. Grifa, M. Mercurio, A. Langella, P. Cappelletti, and V. Morra, "Late Roman slipped or painted wares? Technology and chronology of some Campanian productions", BOOK of ABSTRACT, 2014.
Mercurio, M., D. Bish, P. Cappelletti, B. DE GENNARO, C. Grifa, V. Mercurio, V. Morra, and A. Langella, "May the joint use of natural zeolites and steamed smectites be envisaged in oenological refining process?", Zeolite 2014, 2014.
Izzo, F., A. Arizzi, P. Cappelletti, G. Cultrone, M. D'Albora, A. DE BONIS, C. Germinario, C. Grifa, V. Guarino, M. Mercurio, et al., "Mortars, plasters and mosaic floors from Ancient Stabiae: the art of building in Roman times (89 B.C.-79 A.D.)", Book of abstracts, 2014.
Cappelletti, P., L. Catalanotti, A. Langella, M. Mercurio, B. DE GENNARO, M. Rosella, and A. Dakovic, "A new approach to fast modify the zeolite surface: high spees disperser technique in the preparation of great SMZ amount", ZEOLITE 2014, 2014.
Cappelletti, P., P. Petrosino, M. DE GENNARO, A. Colella, S. Graziano, M. D'Amore, M. Mercurio, G. Cerri, R. de Gennaro, G. Rapisardo, et al., "The “Tufo Giallo della Via Tiberina” (Sabatini Volcanic Disctrict, Centra Italy): a complex system of lithification in a pyroclastic current deposit", Zeolite 2014, 2014.
Mercurio, M., B. DE GENNARO, L. Esposito, P. Cappelletti, A. Langella, F. Iannaccone, V. Monetti, and F. Bovera, "The use of natural zeolite-rich rock as additive to swine feeding stuffs: new insight onto methodology of the quality control analysis", Zeolite 2014, 2014.
Cappelletti, P., L. Catalanotti, A. Langella, A. Colella, M. Mercurio, V. Monetti, and B. DE GENNARO, "Use of surface modified natural zeolite (SMNZ) in pharmaceutical preparations Part 1. MIneralogical and technological characterization of some industrial zeolite-rich rocks", Zeolite 2014, 2014.