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DE VIVO, B., S. ALBANESE, A. LIMA, D. Cicchella, E. Dinelli, P. Valera, C. Reimann, M. Birke, A. Demetriades, and , "GEMAS: The geochemical mapping of agricultural and grazing land soils of Europe", E3S Web of Conferences, vol. 1: EDP Sciences, pp. 38004p.1–38004p.3, 2013.
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ERNSTSEN, V., D. Cicchella, D. DEMETRIADES, E. Dinelli, F. VON PLATEN, C. Reimann, T. TARVAINEN, and B. DE VIVO, "Organic carbon in topsoil from arable land and grazing land of Europe", 9th Congress of Soil Science, Soil Solutions for a Changing World Congress Handbook, pp. 139–141, 2010.