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Michele Ceccarelli
Professore Associato
ING-INF/05 - Sistemi di Elaborazione delle Informazioni
Journal Article
Remo, A., E. Manfrin, P. Parcesepe, A. Ferrarini, H. Han, M. Ugnius, C. Laudanna, M. Simbolo, M. Malanga, D. Oliveira, et al., "Centrosome Linker-induced Tetraploid Segregation Errors link Rhabdoid Phenotype and Lethal Colorectal Cancers", MOLECULAR CANCER RESEARCH, 2018.
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Conference Paper
Cerulo, L., M. Ceccarelli, M. Di Penta, and G. Canfora, "A hidden markov model to detect coded information islands in free text", IEEE 13th International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation, SCAM 2013, 2013.
Cerulo, L., M. Ceccarelli, M. Di Penta, and G. Canfora, "A Hidden Markov Model to detect coded information islands in free text", 13th IEEE International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation, SCAM 2013, Eindhoven, Netherlands, September 22-23, 2013. IEEE Computer Society 2013, ISBN 978-1-4673-5739-5, Los Alamitos, CA, IEEE Computer Society, pp. 157–166, 2013.
Book Chapter
Pagnotta, S. M., and M. Ceccarelli, "An Algorithm for Finding Gene Signatures Supervised by Survival Time Data", Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information and Engineering Systems: 15th International Conference, KES 2011, Kaiserslautern, Germany, September 12-14, 2011, Proceedings, Part I, Berlin, Heidelberg, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 568–578, 2011.
Journal Article
Pagnotta, S. M., and M. Ceccarelli, "An algorithm for finding gene signatures supervised by survival time data", Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 6881, pp. 568-578, 2011.
Conference Paper
Pagnotta, S. M., L. Carmelo, M. Pancione, L. Cerulo, V. Colantuoni, and M. Ceccarelli, "An Ensemble Greedy Algorithm for Feature Selection in Cancer Genomics", 5th International Conference on Software, Knowledge Information, Industrial Management and Applications (SKIMA), 2011.
Paduano, V.., M.T.. De Angelis, G.. Falco, and M. Ceccarelli, "Fully automated organ bud detection and segmentation for Laser Capture Microdissection applications", Imaging Systems and Techniques (IST), 2011 IEEE International Conference on, pp. 118 -123, 2011.
Canfora, G., M. Ceccarelli, L. Cerulo, and M. Di Penta, "How long does a bug survive? An empirical study", Proceedings - Working Conference on Reverse Engineering, WCRE, 2011.
Canfora, G., M. Ceccarelli, L. Cerulo, and M. Di Penta, "How Long Does a Bug Survive? An Empirical Study", 18th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering, WCRE 2011, Limerick, Ireland, October 17-20, 2011. IEEE Computer Society 2011, ISBN 978-1-4577-1948-6, Los Alamitos, CA, IEEE Computer Society, pp. 191–200, 2011.
Book Chapter
Cerulo, L., V. Paduano, P. Zoppoli, and M. Ceccarelli, "Labeling Negative Examples in Supervised Learning of New Gene Regulatory Connections", Computational Intelligence Methods for Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, vol. 6685, BERLIN, Springer, pp. 159–173, 2011.
Conference Paper
Ceccarelli, M., A. Colaprico, L. De Vito, S.. Marotta, and M. Piscitelli, "A semi-automatic measurement system for the swallowing analysis in videofluoroscopy", Proceedings of 2011 IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements and Applications (MeMeA), pp. 125–130, 30-31 May,, 2011.