Registration is open for the first edition of the UNISANNIO Summer School, from 13 to 15 July 2021, to live a training experience in contact with the teachers of the University of Sannio and discover your university vocations.

Fourth and fifth year seconfdary school students will be able to deepen their passions through a wide range of COURSE regarding the topics of: Economics and Finance; Persons, rights and legal protections; Major civil engineering works from design to construction; The challenges of electronics: smart technologies at the service of man; Biosecurity: viruses and vaccines; Environmental Analysis and Sustainability; Mathematics meets other disciplines.

The admission phase ends on 6 July 2021, subject to availability. In the case of students under the age of 18, the application for admission must also be completed with the data of the "parental authority", that is, of the parent or guardian legal status of the student for whom admission to the course is requested.

The admission application must be completed online from HERE, even in the version reserved for underage students. In the online admission application, students or the parent / legal guardian of underage students can indicate their course preferences.