Important scientific recognition for the Rector of the University of Sannio Gerardo Canfora. In the prestigious ranking of the Stanford University in California, in the top 20 of Italians, Professor Canfora is in fifth place, first of the Campania region.
There are also two other rectors from Campania, testifying to the quality of research in southern Italy: Vincenzo Loia (Salerno), in the fourteenth, and Matteo Lorito of the Federico II of Naples, nineteenth.
The ranking is the result of a very complex research that analyzes millions and millions of data. Starting point, the publications in scientific journals and the number of citations.
In particular, it is based on a five-dimensional algorithm in which the number of citations in scientific articles, the H index (which serves to quantify the scientific impact of an author, based on publications made and citations received) and the number of articles in which you are the first or last authors.
The ranking that rewards southern universities, rectors and researchers highlights even more clearly the quality of study and teaching in the South. Also because in the top 20, which includes three rectors from Campania, there are nine others colleagues from Sicily, Calabria and Puglia.