Call for quality of living, selected 271 urban redevelopment projects. There is also the contribution of UniSannio.

271 proposals have been admitted to the financing of the National Program for the quality of living (PinQua) of the Ministry for Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility (Mims) with the aim of redeveloping urban centers, reducing housing problems and promoting social inclusion.

The Municipality of Benevento was awarded a contribution of approximately € 14.5 million, sixth in the ranking of 21 projects financed in the Campania Region. The project, carried out with the collaboration of the University of Sannio, and the support of Confindustria Benevento, intends to redevelop the area of ​​the territory of the Municipality of Benevento between via Torre della Catena, via Porta Rufina and via Gaetano Rummo (for an area of ​​approximately 8'000 sqm) and in particular the properties owned by the municipality "Ex Orsoline" and "Mercato Edibili - Galleria Malies", providing for the construction of an innovative Urban Center, creating a space for business incubation and a place for participation and meeting through the provision and use of “open” spaces that stimulate knowledge, dialogue and exchange.

The total funding is € 14,407,687.