Defibrillators in the university: Unisannio is cardioprotected

Unisannio is now cardioprotected. Eleven semiautomatic defibrillators (AEDs) have been placed in every university building. 50 BLS-D certified operators (Basic Life Support - Defibrillation) were also trained, qualified to act in the emergency phase through the AEDs made available.

The AEDs allow the automatic recognition of the arrhythmic activity of the heart and, once the diagnosis has been made by the device, they authorize the delivery of the electrical discharge necessary to restore normal heart rhythm. In fact, defibrillators are an easy to use tool for all certified citizens in the Basic Life Support - Defibrillation (BLS-D) maneuvers. In Italy 60,000 people die every year from cardiac arrest, often suddenly and without any warning symptoms.

Although the reduction of known cardiovascular risk factors play a decisive role in primary prevention, the timeliness and quality of intervention on the territory play a fundamental role in strengthening the chain of survival. "Making public AEDs (open access) available in all our buildings, in places with a high turnout of people, increases the level of security not only of our students and university staff but also of all citizens - the rector Filippo de Rossi said -. We are pleased to have contributed to widening the city's cardioprotection network".

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