Doctorfake was presented at a press conference

How to recognize a false news? Thanks to Doctorfake, an application developed by prof. Corrado Aaron Visaggio, it will be easier to identify fake news.

The tool was presented to the large audience of journalists who participated in the seminar entitled "Fake News and Deontology of Journalism" organized by the Ordine dei Giornalisti della Campania in collaboration with Sannio University.

Recognizing a fake news becomes more and more difficult, considering the level of sophistication that they are reaching, especially in relation to the deep fake that allows you to make fake videos. On the other hand, we must also consider the enormous volume of false news posted daily on Internet circuits, especially through social networks. "Doctorfake - explained Visaggio - has no ambition to recognize a fake news, but rather to help a user who has doubts about the reliability of a news story.

The application, in fact, reports to the user all the sites where the same news is replicated, also measuring the reliability of the sources themselves". Doctorfake will therefore also become a database of sites that publish fake news, also capable of collecting even more detailed information, such as companies or people who register them, the topics covered, the tools used to make them viral.

Currently the research group is completing internal tests. In a couple of weeks the system will be accessible on the web to everyone for beta testing (the test done with users) to be finally released on the web.

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