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DEL SANNIO   Benevento

Entrepreneurship and ICT: Unisannio students and researchers from Uzbekistan

il rettore incontra Università Uzbeka Tashkent

The rector of the University of Sannio Gerardo Canfora met Professor Dilshoda Gafurova of the Uzbek Tashkent University of Information Technology together with the teachers Unisannio Francesco Lamonaca and Matteo Rossi. Professor Gafurova is a guest for two months at the Samnite university as part of the PEEI Project (Project for Extra European Internship).

The aim of the project is to allow the cultural and professional growth of young students and researchers from Uzbekistan. Specific practical training activities are foreseen in the Departments of Engineering (DING) and Law Economics Management and Quantitative Methods (DEMM) of the University of Sannio and in the Neonatology and Dermatology Departments of the San Pio Hospital, with the financial support of the Archdiocese of Benevento.

In particular, Professor Gafurova will carry out scientific studies in collaboration with prof. Lamonaca of the DING, scientific director of the project, and prof. Rossi of DEMM. The studies focus on the role of Venture Capital in the development of Information Technology Entrepreneurship and on how to measure this role objectively and quantitatively. The study of entrepreneurship in ICT and the private financing I support represent an interdisciplinary topic, of great interest also for the Uzbek government which has decided to fully bear the costs.

The scientific collaboration activities will be further strengthened in the coming months, when other scholars will be guests of the Samnite university and of the San Pio Hospital. Two engineering students from Tashkent University of Information Technology are scheduled to arrive at Unisannio, followed by two Uzbek doctors from the Tashkent Pediatric Medical Institute.