Napoli Summer Universiade 2019

This year the Campania Region hosted in July the summer edition of the Universiade 2019. Benevento also hosted important competitions. In particular football competitions (Vigorito Stadium), volleyball (Palatedeschi) and volley shooting (Asd Tiro a Volo "Zaino" of Durazzano).

The Universiade, or university Olympics, is a multidisciplinary sporting event aimed at university athletes from all over the world. On Monday 17 June 2019, at 10.30 am, at the Università degli Studi del Sannio, at Palazzo San Domenico, the press conference was held to illustrate the cultural and sporting events that will involve the city of Benevento and Unisannio on the occasion of "Universiade Napoli 2019". Speakers: the extraordinary commissioner of the Universiade Gianluca Basile; the rector of the University of Sannio Filippo de Rossi; the councilor of the Municipality of Benevento delegate to the sport Vincenzo Lauro and the president of the CONI Benevento Mario Collarile. Unisannio's sports delegate Francesco Fiorillo, the president and director of the "Nicola Sala" State Conservatory of Music Antonio Verga and Giuseppe Ilario also participated; the person in charge of the Museum Pole of Benevento Ferdinando Creta; the president of Sannio Falanghina "European City of Wine 2019" Floriano Panza. EVENTS 24 June 2019 - 7 pm - Passage to Benevento of the Olympic Torch Path of 2.4 kilometers: Departure from the Roman Theater - Arco del Sacramento - Duomo - Obelisk of the Temple of Iside - Basilica of San Bartolomeo Apostolo - Rocca dei Rettori - Church of Santa Sofia - Piazza Roma - Via Traiano - arrival Arco di Traiano.

The torch-bearers in Sannio will be Francesca Boscarelli (European Fencing Champion), Marco Tremigliozzi (Italian Athletics Champion), Alessandro Bruno (Italian Serie A player), Domenico Meccariello (International Boxing Referee), Teodorico Caporaso (Italian Athletics Light) and Rossana Pasquino (European champion in Paralympic Fencing). 4th July 2019 - 8.30 pm - Roman Theater Musical performance by the Symphonic Orchestra of the Nicola Sala Conservatory of Benevento with music by Mogol, Lucio Battisti and the Beatles. Tale of the history of the Roman Theater 10 July 2019 6.30 pm - Museo del Sannio / Cloister of Santa Sofia Conference of prof. Marcello Rotili on the Lombard Benevento 8.30pm Hortus Conclusus Report by prof. Riccardo Cotarella - president of the Italian oenologists association To follow - Cloister of Palazzo San Domenico - Piazza Guerrazzi Wine tasting in collaboration with Sannio Falanghina Città del Vino

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