The national anti-mafia prosecutor Cafiero de Raho inaugurates the course on the mafias

The national anti-mafia prosecutor Federico Cafiero de Raho inaugurated the course "Mafie di ieri e di oggi" at the University of Sannio. The seminars were born with the aim of analyzing, preventing and contrasting organized crime and corruption and enhancing the culture of legality. “Today - said the prosecutor - the Camorra does not act only with violence but expands its economic power through complacent entrepreneurs. The prosecutor explained the system of approach: "The mafias provide contacts with the way of economics and politics. The professionals who are in the pay of illegality contribute to camouflaging the mafia presence in our territories. In a small reality like Benevento, identify a mafia investment should be simpler but we should keep our eyes open. The political class will become a bulwark against the infiltration of the clans". And finally an invitation to the students: “Defend your right to freedom, fighting against all forms of illegality and discrimination. This university is teaching you the values ​​of ethics and courage. As future professionals, you always act in the collective interest to build a better society. "

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