Opened LInC

The University of Sannio inaugurated, on May 30 LInC, an experimental research and advanced teaching laboratory in the area of civil engineering, located in the city center, in Piazza Risorgimento. The new facility, nestled among some of Benevento's main educational institutions, covers an area of 4,000 square meters, of which 800 square meters are used as laboratory, 90 square meters as offices and 1,000 square meters as green space. On the rooftop is a 400 sq. m. equipped garden. The event was attended by young men and women students from the Galilei-Vetrone, Alberti, Rummo, and Giannone institutes of Benevento and the Ruggero II of Ariano Irpino. 

“The new building,” explained Rector Gerardo Canfora, “represents an innovative strategic infrastructure for the university, school education and the Samnite territory. Our project of an urban campus university is moving forward thanks to the network of relationships we are building. UNISANNIO and the city are two sides of a reality that can and must grow.”

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