The appointment with the Sannio Philosophical Festival returns, now in its eighth edition. On 15 February in the Ciardiello Hall of the University of Sannio, the calendar of meetings was presented which will have the concept of Humanity as a common theme. The event is organized by the Stregati da Sophia association, with the support of the Sannio University and the "Nicola Sala" Conservatory of Music.

Thirteen appointments are scheduled which will start next March 3 with a lesson by Umberto Galimberti who will speak to young Samnite students - and not only - about man in the age of technology.

The closing of the Festival is scheduled for May 14 at the Roman Theater with the award ceremony of the “Io Filosofo” competition and with a dance show by the Benevento Ballet Company. As always, the lectio magistralis will be entrusted to some of the best known and most important contemporary intellectuals and philosophers.

The presentation of the Festival was also an opportunity to host the first lectio magistralis by Giuseppe Patota, full professor of Italian Linguistics at the University of Siena and academic of the Crusca, who illustrated the meaning and importance of the word "Humanity" .