Umberto Galimberti opens the Sannio Philosophical Festival

Harmony declined in all its forms and in all the arts. It is the common thread that links the appointments of the sixth edition of the Sannio Philosophical Festival, of which the University of Sannio has always been a partner. In a San Marco Theatre full of students and fans, Umberto Galimberti opened the cycle of meetings on February 4, 2020, with a lectio magistralis entitled "Beauty: the secret law of life". The philosopher was welcomed by the president of the association Stregati da Sophia Maria Carmela D’Aronzo and the rector of the Sannio University Gerardo Canfora. "We cannot talk about beauty - said Galimberti - because it cannot be reduced to reasoning, as it is aimless and outside the utility chain. It is a symbolic event that brings together visible and invisible. Only by sacrificing the rational part we can access the invisible, our crazy part. To practice aesthetics is to go to madness". In recalling the recent death of Emanuele Severino, "the last great Italian philosopher", Galimberti focused on the current decline of thought. "Philosophy is a discipline that risks dying overwhelmed by the banal slogans of politics, by the advent of social networks and by the superficial reason of the prevailing technocracy". In the 2020 programme of the Festival there are Paolo Crepet, Ferruccio de Bortoli, Telmo Pievani, the astronaut Paolo Nespoli and again Giuseppe Patota, Michela Marzano, Maurizio Ferraris, Carlo Galli, the president and technician of Benevento Calcio, Oreste Vigorito and Filippo Inzaghi. A special mention to the project planned during the festival in collaboration with Dacia Maraini. On February 28, after the meeting with the writer, there will be a show at the Teatro Massimo from an adaptation of her book "Onda Marina e Drago Spento".

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