The PCTOs of the University of Sannio will start on 26 January. These are Pathways for Transversal Skills and Orientation that allow students of the last years of high school to enhance their vocations and enrich their knowledge on courses of study and the university context.
Until April, the Sannio University will host over 1500 students from all over Campania.
The UniSannio PCTOs aim, as every year, to enhance the educational value of guidance, enabling students to develop greater awareness of their vocations and inclinations, also in view of future access to university studies.
The PCTO UniSannio offer for 2022 includes, in addition to some online meetings, lectures and practical exercises in the classrooms and laboratories of the university, with teachers from the Departments of Engineering (DING), Science and Technology (DST), Law, Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods (DEMM).