Dear students, dear students,
fellow teachers and technical, administrative and librarian staff,

the news of these hours relating to the spread of the new variant of SARS-COV-2, classified by the WHO as "worrying", confirms the need to keep our guard up against the virus that has upset our lives in the last two years. It is important that each of us continue to pay close attention to the prevention rules and procedures that have ensured, up to now, the maximum safety of students and of the entire UniSannio community.

We continue to use the mask in all areas of the university, we often wash and disinfect our hands, we avoid crowds!

The data available to the scientific community, although still limited, suggest that even this variant, which shows much higher diffusion rates than those seen up to now, is sensitive to vaccines. As stated by Franco Locatelli, coordinator of the Scientific Technical Committee, the Omicron variant is “rapid in spreading, but we do not know if it is capable of causing a serious disease. The vaccine, now more than ever, remains fundamental, together with the use of the mask ".

Hence the invitation, for all those who are in a position to access the third dose of the vaccine, to do so quickly. I also invite those who have not yet joined the vaccination campaign to rethink their decisions: everyone's safety depends on the choices made by each of us.

I also remind you that since last September it is mandatory to show the green-pass to access the University rooms and that any case of contagion and isolation must be promptly reported to our manager for relations with the ASL, Professor Caterina Pagliarulo (pagliarc @, for contact tracing operations, in full compliance with the privacy rules.

We have repeatedly underlined how the University is community, meeting, sharing and comparison. We have experienced how without these components the training process, both personal and professional, undoubtedly becomes poorer and more difficult. Now is the time for everyone to make every effort to safeguard the presence as an added value of the UniSannio community.


Gerardo Canfora

Rector of the University of Sannio