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Alfredo Vaccaro


Alfredo Vaccaro
Professore Associato
ING-IND/33 - Sistemi Elettrici per l’Energia

Attività di ricerca

Argomenti di ricerca: 

Research Activities

  1. Optimal power system management and forecasting in competitive electricity markets:
    1. Development of dispatch tools for demand-side power management including local generation resources and price uncertainties.
    2. Probabilistic Optimal Power Flow problems.
    3. Price forecasting.
  1. Analysis of energy systems with multiple energy carriers:
    1. Optimization and economic studies.
    2. Energy management systems.
    3. Robust energy hub management
  1. Distributed and web-based programming applications in Wide Area Measuring, Protective and Control Systems
    1. Grid computing based architectures for power system security analysis
    2. Distributed architectures for smart microgrids management and control
  1. Emerging technologies for power systems communication
    1. Pervasive sensor networks for power systems communication
    2. Satellite based communication for wide area power systems monitoring
  1. Power systems analysis in the presence of data uncertainty by non probabilistic paradigms
    1. Interval and affine arithmetic based methodologies for power flow analysis
    2. Reliable computing techniques for solving optimal power flow problems
  1. Cooperative and bio-inspired paradigms for smart grids optimization
    1. Solving distributed optimization problems by decentralized dynamic agents
    2. Decentralized generation dispatch by self organising sensors network
    3. Autonomous voltage regulation by cooperative fuzzy agents
    4. Neural network based methodologies for voltage regulation in the presence of renewable power generation
  1. Enabling methodologies for dynamic loading of power equipments
    1. Semi physical modelling architectures based on the local learning theory for dynamic thermal rating of overhead lines, power cables and power transformers
    2. Range arithmetic based computing paradigms for dynamic thermal protection of power components in the presence of data uncertainty
  1. Analysis and control of Hybrid Electric Vehicles
    1. Software tools for hybrid electric vehicle simulation
    2. Optimal sizing of powertrain components in parallel hybrid electric vehicle
    3. Advanced methodologies for real time energy flow management in hybrid powertrains