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DEL SANNIO   Benevento

Francesco Maria Guadagno


Francesco Maria Guadagno
Professore Ordinario
GEO/05 - Geologia Applicata

Attività curriculare

Current Position/Function
1999 to present: Full Professor of Engineering Geology at the University of Sannio.
2014 to present: Head of Doctoral Programme in Science and Technology- University of Sannio

Past Academic Roles

2007-2009: Director of the Department of Geological and Environmental Studies at the Univ. of Sannio

2009 -2014: Dean of the Faculty of Science at Univ. of Sannio.
2001-2002Director of the Master’s degree courses in “Geological and Environmental Risks in the Disaster management”

Scientific and Professional roles

2011 to 2018: President of the Italian scientific society “Associazione Italiana di Geologia Applicata ed Ambientale (AIGA);

 2000 to present: Member of the “International Association of Engineering Geology and Environment” (IAEG).

2011 to present: Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal “Bulletin of Engineering Geology and Environment”
2011 to 2018: Co-editor of the “Italian Journal of Engineering Geology”.
1993 to present: Member of the Campania regional order of Geologist.

2013-2017: Member of the National Commission for predicting and preventing major risks (Commissione Grandi Rischi - Risks National Committee) of the Italian Department of Civil Protection (2013-2017).

2010-2017 Member of the Consiglio Superiore del Lavori Pubblici- C.S.LLPP (Superior Council of Public Works), the highest technical state council in Italy.

2017-to present: Scientific and Technical Expert of the Consiglio Superiore del Lavori Pubblici.


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